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If You Are Not Fingerprinting, You Could Be Hiring a Criminal

Fingerprinting is the act of taking the impression of person’s hands and toes for biometric identification purpose. It has proved scientifically that none of us fingerprint marks will never match to anyone. It is tracing of fingerprint impression left by friction ridges of human finger. Fingerprint examination is the crucial part of crime scene and crime investigation. More cases have been solved There are three main classification of fingerprints: Patent, Latent and Impressed print

We have a team of qualified Fingerprint Experts, Forensic Experts, Forensic Scientists, State Police Clearance Certificate or Background Check Consultants with National & International experience, who take pride in their commitment to quality and their ability to deliver best fingerprinting services for VISA immigration, police clearance certificate and all other required forensic services on time and at reasonable cost.

We deals on following aspect in fingerprint division i.e. Physical Aspects of Fingerprint Comparisons and development by various methods such as chemical and physical methods. Our Fingerprint services for visa and immigration is best in quality and accuracy. We do fingerprint with zero error for FBI, RCMP and all other countries where fingerprinting is required to get police clearance certificate. Our Fingerprint Expert services available all over India.

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Fingerprinting services are provided to individuals, groups, private organizations and government agencies at the crime scene and in the well equipped laboratory. We are known to provide our error-free fingerprints services in India to:

  • Fingerprints for FBI FD 258 card
  • Fingerprints for RCMP Canada form c216c
  • Police departments, FBI Police Clearance
  • Police Information Check
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Background Verification, Employee Verification
  • Passport, Visa and ID Photo Proof Service
  • Private agencies, Insurance companies
  • Private Banks and investigation agencies
  • High courts and Supreme courts
  • Individual or organization
  • Immigration and Foreign Travel Visas
  • Adoptions, and such other non-criminal purposes
  • Government and Private Hospitals
  • Fingerprint for FINRA/ Medical License
  • Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) from all Countries


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Police Clearance Certificate from Oceanian Countries

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