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April 01, 2022 - BY Aneeta Jaison

Australian Police Clearance Certificate within 30 working days

Arko Dutto is in search of an Australian Police Clearance Certificate for the last many days and he communicated to many agencies and they are not providing precise answers to his doubts also all agencies are consuming more time with the high cost and Arko Dutto finally gets the number of RealScan Biometrics contact number and he directly makes a call to us and quickly our staff took the call and answered to the question asked by Arko Dutta and after he listening to all our answers, he gets clarity about the procedure and he is really satisfied with the required time period asked our team also he realize that compare with other company RealScan Biometrics is charging less amount and at the end of the call Arko Dutta is really satisfied with us and we ask him whether Arko Dutta is moving his Police Clearance Certificate application with us and without a rethinking, he replied us he is ready to give this work to us and for confirmation we ask him to give a concern letter. And after receiving the letter we shared the list of the required documents via Whatsapp and within a few hours, he had provided all the documents which we asked for. Also, our team always notify the updates on his Australian Police Clearance Certificate.


Before the guaranteed date have given his Australian Police Clearance Certificate with doorstep delivery and Arko Dutta is extremely satisfied with our teamwork also he had recommended our RealScan Biometrics company to everyone as his  Google review