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January 15, 2022 - BY Vikas Kumar

Fingerprinting for Canada Immigration Service


Fingerprint Service

One of our clients whose name is JASMEET SINGH be in need of Fingerprint Service for Canadian immigration purposes.

He had a dry skin condition on his hands consequently fingerprints were not clear while taking prints. So he proceeds towards our firm REALSCAN Biometrics and with the administrative assistant.

Already he had sent the fingerprint card to the Immigration Authority and they reject that fingerprint Card, which was collected by another firm, and asked that is it acceptable for the PCC process. By seeing that print our firm explained that No sir, because of inadequate quality certainly this print will be rejected at a rate of greater than 99 percent. For the best quality fingerprints, our forensic professionals use the most up-to-date technology.

He was on the hesitation about this and asked that is it possible for me to get adequate fingerprints. Our firm explained that don’t get panic about this sir to apply moisturizer for a month so that you might acquire some good fingerprints. Our fingerprint expert team will gather your fingerprints and keep you updated until the process is finished.

Finally, he was persuaded and started to use moisturizer for a month. After a month he back to our institute and one of our fingerprint experts Vivek Khare at REALSCAN has collected his fingerprints. Now he noticed more differences between the old and the recent one. The newer one is better than the old one.

Now he was ecstatic and stated, "I would suggest you to anyone who is facing a related problem because you are a really knowledgeable, professional, and experienced team”.

The suggestions and assistance of the RealScan were really beneficial to JASMEET SINGH.

He remarked that the Real Scan team is incredibly friendly and they took excellent care of my difficulties from the beginning to the end and he specifically appreciated Vivek Khare for his helping mind and seamless communication with him.