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January 07, 2022 - BY Vivek Khare

PCC from Nigeria within 15 Days got by Omoaruemike Okereke


Omoaruemike Okereke be in need of a Police ClearanceCertificate from Nigeria for permanent residence in Canada. She is a citizen of Nigeria. She aspired to relocate to Canada after working as a Teacher in Nigeria. Her only desire is to acquire PCC as soon as possible.

So she head on to our institution and interact with the RealScan administrative team.

Here is an excerpt from the conversation between Omoaruemike Okereke and our expert:

Omoaruemike Okereke: Hello sir, I’m Omoaruemike Okereke from New Delhi.

RealScan: Hello mam, what can I do to assist you?

Omoaruemike Okereke: I be in need of PCC from Nigeria to relocate my residence in Canada. Is it possible for your firm to make it happen for me?

RealScan: Yes mam, our firm RealScan is a well-known and long-established Consultancy which hand over all forms of fingerprinting and PCC services for all countries.

Omoaruemike Okereke: How to apply PCC for Nigeria and what is the procedure behind it?

RealScan: Please visit our website by that you get an idea about the procedure and all. We have laid down all you need to know about the procedure.

Omoaruemike Okereke: Now I’m in New Delhi and how can I give my fingerprint for Police Clearance Certificate?

RealScan: Our team will help our clients to give door to door service otherwise if you feel comfortable then you can visit our office.

Omoaruemike Okereke:  How long will it take to obtain my PCC?

RealScan: Immediately we will pass on the information to the Nigeria Police Authority as soon as we obtain all of the documents. There will be no delay from our side.

Omoaruemike Okereke: If it is doesn’t receive in correct time, what happens then?

RealScan: It is an unusual occurrence. However, if it occurs we will make every attempt to persuade the relevant agency to expedite the process, but we will not be able to force them. Every country has its own working system.

Omoaruemike Okereke: Is it possible for me to take my own fingerprints?

RealScan: Of course, but fingerprints of inadequate quality are rejected at a rate of greater than 99 percent. For best quality fingerprints, our forensic professionals use the most up-to-date technology.

Omoaruemike Okereke: Now I’m fully satisfied with your words. Could you assist me up to date on the procedure that I need to take?

RealScan: Of course. Before we start, you must give us consent to apply for PCC from your favor. We'll go on to the next step once you've done that.


After receiving a consent letter from her, our specialists provided her with the application form and a list of documents she needed to submit. After completing the fingerprinting process, we followed the procedure mark off by the Nigeria Police Force. We also hand overed the Nigeria Police Character Certificate to her within 15 days.