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January 28, 2022 - BY Femina SP

Police Clearance Certificate From UAE

Passang Yangchen Shepa Received Her Pcc For The Uae Just Within 29 Days, With The Help Of Realscan Biometrics


PASSANG YANGCHEN SHEPA be in need of Police Clearance Certificate from the UAE for migration purposes.

As a first-time client, she had a few concerns about selecting us for her PCC. She wanted to know how much it would cost and how long it would take to get a PCC from UAE and also the entire procedure for obtaining PCC from UAE.  Her top objective was to obtain PCC for the UAE as soon as feasible. She came over to our firm REAL SCAN BIOMETRICS and struck up a conversation with the admin.

She came to our firm and asked, “Hello sir, will you acquire my fingerprints on time and complete the PCC procurement process as swiftly as possible”. We assured her “sure ma’am because the REAL SCAN BIOMETRICS network is stretched across India, so there would be no delay in fingerprint gathering. Our fingerprint expert will gather your fingerprints and keep you updated throughout the process as soon as you authorize us to do PCC”.

She inquired as to how you would obtain my fingerprints. Our firm explained that we will take your rolled fingerprint impression on the fingerprint card and collect all relevant documents, after which we will begin the application procedure.

She also inquired about the cost and the time it would take to obtain a PCC from the UAE. We replied that it would take around 35 working days and the cost is too less than other organisations.

She also wanted to know about the Police clearance certificate from UAE will be delayed in any other way. Our firm assisted her in comprehending the reason for the delay. If a delay happens we will make every attempt to persuade the responsible agency to expedite the procedure.

Finally, she get convinced and she choose REAL SCAN BIOMETRICS for their over 14 years of service experience, quick problem handling, and no-wait strategy. Our firm provided her with the application form and a list of documents she needed to submit after receiving her authorization letter. After completing the whole process we will send her a hard copy of the UAE Police Clearance Certificate. We also delivered the PCC to her within 29 days.

PASSANG YANGCHEN SHEPA was quite appreciative of the advice and assistance she received from the Real Scan Biometrics staff.

She added, “strongly recommended for all foreign PCC works. They deliver what they promise and the staff members are quite kind. Big thumbs up and many thanks for doing the job on schedule”.