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March 04, 2022 - BY Aneeta Jaison

Police Clearance Certificate from United States of America

Rutvika Luthra get her Police Clearance Certificate within 13 working days without any deferrals 



Realscan Biometrics: Hello Sir/Madam how can I help you

Rutvika Luthra: Hello may I know will you provide the service for US Police Clearance Certificate

Realscan Biometrics: Yes Madam, off course we will provide US Police Clearance Certificate services.

Rutvika Luthra: Actually I look at many agencies and they are more time-consuming so within how many day do you can deliver to my doorstep?

Realscan Biometrics: Madam including doorstep delivery we will only take 13 working days for your Police Clearance Certificate work.

Rutvika Luthra: Okay, so who will assist me with further procedures, and what will be the cost?

Rutvika Luthra: Okay, so who will assist me with further procedures, and what will be the cost?

Realscan Biometrics: Madam after your confirmation our team will contact you and then further procedures will start for knowing about the cost you can directly make a call to our team. Also, we need your fingerprint for Police Clearance Certificate.

Rutvika Luthra: Okay so I will contact them soon. So when should I take fingerprint and did I need to come to office for taking fingerprint for Police Clearance Certificate?

Realscan Biometrics: Madam if you are willing to come to the office we will give contact details of the nearby office or our team member will come to your home to collect fingerprints using the FD-258 Card and you should pay your travel expenses.

Rutvika Luthra: So I think it's better to ask your team to come to my home for talking about the fingerprint and sure I will give them travel expense.

Realscan Biometrics: Okay madam, if you are completely satisfied with our team then please write a consent letter for confirmation regarding your application. Then with full pleasure, our team will start working on your Police Clearance Certificate and our team will connect you soon for further procedure and give information regarding required documents, etc.

Rutvika Luthra: Yes am completely satisfied with your words also I will write a consent letter too.

Realscan Biometrics: Thank you madam, and have a nice day


After receiving her confirmation letter, our team suddenly start working on her Police Clearance Certificate and within the promising date our team safely delivers her FBI Police Clearance Certificate.