All Types of Fingerprint Services for FBI, RCMP in Delhi India

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Types of Fingerprints

There are 3 basic types of fingerprints, and they are Arch Fingerprints, Whorl Fingerprints and Loop Fingerprints, these are further divided in several types..

Loop Pattern Fingerprinting
loop pattern is accounted up to 60- 70% in all fingerprint, In a Loop pattern, the ridges will drift in one side, touch or pass through an imaginary line drawn from the delta to the core, and exit the pattern on the same side from which it entered, notable thing is that a loop has only one delta
Loop pattern are fall into two sub categories Ulnar and radial Loop

Arch Fingerprints
Arches is the most straightforward fingerprint pattern, it flow one side to another. There is no delta in Arch pattern. Arches are classified in categories, a plain arches and tented arches. The ridges tend to rise in the midst of the pattern. Tented arches have a sharp “spike” at the middle.

Whorl Fingerprints
Whorls are divided into four diverse sets there are plain, central pocket loop, double loop and accidental whorl. Whorls must have a minimum of two deltas and must have a type line (pattern area of the loop surrounded by two diverging ridges). The whorls pattern are concentrated circles on the fingers and palm, generally, 25-30% people have whorl pattern, in short any pattern which have 2 or more deltas will be whorl pattern

Composite Fingerprints
The composite pattern consists of two or more different patterns, separate & apart exclusive of the arch.

Latent Fingerprints
Latent means hidden or invisible, in modern practice for forensic science the term latent prints means accidentally or by mistake impression left by rubbing point skin on a surface, whether it is visible or invisible at the time of deposition. Only the Electronic or chemical & physical processing techniques make it feasible to visible, latent print residues whether they are from natural sweat on the skin or from a chemical such as oil, blood, ink, paint or some other type of dirt
Latent prints may exhibit only a small portion of the surface of a finger & this may be smudged, distorted, overlapped by other prints from the same or from different individuals, or all or any of these in combination.

Patent Fingerprints
Patent fingerprints are clear to the human eye and which have been caused by the transfer of material from a finger onto any surface such as on glass, table, etc., some obvious examples would be impressions from flour & wet mud. Because they are already visible & have no need of enhancement they are usually photographed than being lifted in the way that latent prints are. A try to preserve the actual print is always made for later presentation in court, and there’s lots of techniques used to do this. Patent prints can be left on a surface by materials such as ink, paint, color, dirt, or blood.

Plastic Fingerprints
A plastic print is a friction ridge impression left in a material that retains the shape of the ridge detail. Although only a few criminals would be careless to leave their prints in a lump of wet soil, this would make an ideal plastic print

Exemplar Fingerprints
Example Fingerprints are deliberately reproduced by pressing a person’s fingertips into ink and then onto a paper. Fingerprints impression left on surfaces can be acquired and examined through a dusting process and other processes conducted by forensics experts.

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