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Police Clearance Certificate PCC from Iran »

Information for Police Clearance Certificate

The PCC details whether or not the applicant has a criminal record in the Iran and is required as part of the visa process by the respective high commission or embassy. Police Clearance Certificate is a document that is issued by the Department of Penal Records & Amnesty, Penal Records Section certifying that the applicant has never partaken in any criminal activity that led to the involvement of the Iranian Police Force, and is also required when a person applies for an immigration status to other countries.

Person applying for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) are required to state the period of stay in Iran. Documentary proof of stay is to be provided. First Entry and Last Exit date STAMP is also required. All pages of VISA (Colour Copy).

It is issued to any individual who resides more than 6 months in Iran.

Procedure of Getting Police Clearance Certificate

You will have to write a letter to Iranian Embassy stating that you require a PCC and that you are authorizing our organization to collect it on your behalf .You should send a written disclosure request to Iranian Embassy. The applicant should furnish his or her full name, date and place of birth, and place and period of all residences in the Iran, including full addresses. Applicant must apply with Completed Application Form (Personal Particular) provided at our lab for Police Clearance Certificate. The Iranian police authorities would requires an attestation letter from embassy that attests you have been lived in Iran; such period as claimed. The Department of Penal Records & Amnesty, Penal Records Section in Tehran takes 2 to 3 weeks to process the application if no criminal record found. The certificate will be posted to the forwarding address as indicated by the applicants in the application.

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate

  1. A letter explaining the purpose for which the police clearance certificate is required.
  2. Fully completed application form (Personal Particular).
  3. A valid document showing as your work permit in Iran.
  4. A new colour photograph with white background full face without glasses
  5. A copy of your passport, driving license or similar for identification purposes.
  6. A set of applicant’s fingerprint impressions (ten prints). The applicant must submit a set of his/her fingerprint impressions duly attested by our organisation.
  7. A detailed covering letter stating the period of stay in Iran and need for the said certificate.
  8. A clear & coloured Passport Photocopy (both Current & Old passport) as well as, three of the data pages of his/her passport as well as the pages containing Iran visas, entry and departure stamps, which shows the total period of the applicant’s stay in Iran.
  9. A clear & coloured copy of Iran identity card of the applicant (if applicable).

Processing Time

We will give the original Police Clearance Certificate within 15 to 20 working days. (The processing time will increases if a person was ever charged by the police)

Processing Fee

Applicable Fee

Payment is non-refundable once the application is processed.

Police Certificate Issuing Authority

Justice Administration

Department of Penal Records & Amnesty

Penal Records Section


Police Clearance Certificate Check-list

Before leaving our office please verify the check-list that documents in order-

  1. Copy of both the Current and Old passports.
  2. Copy of the passport on which Iranian entry and final exit was stamped.
  3. Authority Letter for the individual who will deposit the fee and collect the PCC.
  4. Application Form (Fully completed and signed).
  5. Two proofs of current address showing both your name and address.
  6. Document (s) certifying you are working, were working are or living in Iran.
  7. Processing fee for the application.

Head Office

2443, Basement, Hudson Line,
Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009
Call: +91-1145152301, +91-9599313306

Address of Embassy in India

Embassy of Islamic Republic Of Iran
5, Barakhamba Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

  • Asked by : Maissa Alatoa
    2017-02-14 09:20:44
    Team - Please advise what is the validity of a Police Court Clearance Certificate issued under The Emblem of Justice Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Justice Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Justice Department of Fars Province. Your urgent assistance is much appreciated. Thanks,Maissa Alatoa Senior Manager ComplianceNational Bank of Vanuatu Ltd . ?
  • Asked by : Nijeesh
    2016-10-10 21:07:48
    Dear Fingerprint expert team,Myself Nijeesh, residing in Tehran,Iran since 2010,I am leaving from here on 23/10/2016.i need PCC for my Canadian visa purpose.could you please help me to get PCC from Iranian consulate/embassy in India.please advise following,1.Documents requirements2.Processing Time3.Application fee4.Service Charge.RegardsNijeesh. ?

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