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Criminal Record Check or Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Republic of Congo of Criminal Identification. This department checks for criminal arrest records made on the basis of conviction in the Republic of Congo. The history or background check includes all reported serious crimes, The Republic of Congo by minors, and other specific misdemeanors. All non-criminal justice department of the Republic of Congo searches for criminal history records by a fingerprint search which is based on positive identification. This authority has a provision for a voluntary record check which enables any applicant to obtain a criminal record check and then provide that check to any person they designate.

The procedure of Getting Police Clearance Certificate

In order to obtain Police Clearance Certificate from Republic of Congo, applicant required to fill the application form completely. Obtained a set of applicant’s fingerprint impressions. This procedure requires the submission of the applicant’s fingerprint impression card. In addition, the applicant must also submit applicable fees. Our organization will provide the fingerprint card and an instruction sheet upon request. Applicant’s fingerprint cards are available at many local law enforcement agencies. The applicant also required to attest a letter of legal stay in the Republic of Congo (such period as claimed). The completed form for each applicant posted to the forwarding address

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate

1.     Recent colored passport size photographs

2.     Copy of all pages of passport (old and current) visa entry and departure stamps.

3.     Copy of identity proofs (passports, driving license or any similar document for identification purpose)

4.     Certified copy of work permit/appointment letter/dependent pass.

5.     A detailed letter, stating period of legal stay in the Republic of Congo and the purpose for which the PCC is required.

6.     Fully completed application form which includes name, date, and place of birth, place and period of all residences which should be required to fill in BLOCK LETTERS.

7.     Copy of Republic of Congo identification card (if applicable)

8.     Applicant required to submit ten fingerprint impression application of his or her fingerprint impressions duly attested by our organization

Processing Time

The Republic of Congo history record checks are generally takes 3-4 weeks.
(The processing time will increase if a person was ever charged by the police).

Processing Fee

Applicable Fee.

Payment is non-refundable once the application is processed.

Police Certificate Issuing Authority

Address of Embassy in India

Police Clearance Certificate Check-list

1.     Current passport size photograph

2.     Copy of old and current passport (all pages)

3.     Copy of identity proofs

4.     Valid document of work permit

5.     Document stating the period of stay

6.     Purpose for which PCC is requested

7.     Fully completed application form

8.     Republic of Congo issued any Identity proof (if any)

Queries by Applicants

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Although we do not provide Police Clearance Certificates for this particular country, we are more than willing to assist you with the fingerprinting process. If you need our support, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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