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A Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Director of the Criminal Investigations Department, Nairobi. In Kenya, criminal record information is maintained at the Criminal Investigation Department of the Kenya Police Force.

PCC certifying that you have never been a part of any criminal activity that led to the involvement of the Kenyan Police Force is required when you apply for immigration, work, or study-related purposes in other countries.

While applying for a police clearance certificate from Kenya, you are required to state the period of stay in Kenya, provide documentary proof of stay, and stamp the first entry and last exit dates on all pages of the visa (color copy). It is issued to any individual who resides for more than 6 months in Kenya.

How to Get a Police Clearance Certificate from Kenya?

In order to obtain a police clearance certificate from Kenya, you should write an application letter explaining why a police certificate is being requested. Documentary proof of a legal stay in Kenya is also required for this process. You have to fill out all the sections of the prescribed application form in block capitals with black ink provided by our organization.

Our qualified fingerprint officer will obtain a complete set of your 10 fingerprint impressions at our office. After this, the original fingerprints and necessary documents will be posted with your completed application form. The current processing time is 2 to 3 months for PCC. The certificates will be forwarded to the address indicated by you in the application.

Application Process for Kenya Police Clearance Certificate

  • To obtain a police clearance certificate from Kenya, follow these steps:
  • Contact our executive and schedule an appointment.
  • Visit our Delhi head office or the respective state branch office during working hours.
  • Bring the mentioned valid documents.
  • Complete the application form provided at the office.
  • Give your fingerprint impressions on a fingerprint card.
  • Pay the applicable fees using the available payment methods.
  • Submit the completed form and required documents to the designated officer.
  • Collect the acknowledgment receipt with the specified date for certificate collection.
  • Return on the assigned date to collect your police clearance certificate or get it delivered at your doorstep.

Documents Required for Kenya PCC Application

  • The completed application form (personal particulars).
  • A full set of fingerprint impressions.
  • Five recent passport-size photographs (without spectacles and cap).
  • Copy of your Kenya identity card, work permit, appointment letter, etc.
  • Certified, colored, scanned, or photocopied copies of your passports (current and old) and other identity documents, either by police station or notary public.
  • Documentary proof of the last residential address in Kenya.
  • Immigration Authority letter stating the purpose of the police clearance certificate.

Kenyan PCC Processing Time 

We will give the original certificate in 60 working days under normal mode of processing. The processing time will increase if you are ever charged by the police.

Kenya Criminal Record Check Processing Fees

To learn about the applicable processing fees, you can contact our executive. We accept payment through the following modes: account transfer, UPI, and cash. Also, once the processing of your PCC begins, the fee paid is non-refundable.

Kenya Police Certificate Status 

The processing time for your application may vary based on your background record, potentially taking a few weeks or longer. If you have a history of police charges or ongoing cases, the processing duration might be extended. 

However, we are dedicated to assisting you. Our experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you receive support from start to finish, and will keep you informed about the current status of your application.

Kenya PCC Authentication and Usage

Once you receive the certificate, properly check all the necessary details and ensure that it is duly signed and stamped by the issuing authority to avoid last-minute chaos. Also, make photocopies of your original PCC for record purposes before submitting.

Police Certificate Issuing Authority

Criminal Investigations Department, Kenya

Kenya Embassy Address in New Delhi, India

Kenya High Commission

34, Paschimi Marg

Vasant Vihar

New Delhi-110057

Validity Period of Kenya Police Clearance Certificate

Certificate Validity Period

The validity of a Kenya police clearance certificate extends until your next visit to the country, from the date of issuance as indicated on the certificate. Any specific validity period, if applicable, will be stated on the certificate. Also, you must check with the requesting institution about their acceptance criteria.

Renewing a Police Clearance Certificate

Despite possessing a Kenya police clearance, each time you require the certificate, you must undergo the entire process again, reflecting your updated criminal record check history. However, renewal conditions may change over time, and it is advisable to seek guidance from an expert for up-to-date details on the process.

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Q. What is a Kenyan Police Clearance Certificate?

A. A Kenyan Police Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by Kenyan authorities, usually the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). This certificate verifies whether you have a criminal record in Kenya and is required for various purposes, including employment, immigration, and other official transactions.

Q. Can I apply for a Kenyan Police Clearance Certificate online?

A. Yes, you can apply for a Kenyan police clearance certificate online by creating an account and visiting Once logged in, please click on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to start your application. On the form, when asked to state where you would wish to submit or have your fingerprints taken, please click Nairobi County, then DCI/CDI, Headquarters. You can also opt for our foolproof PCC services to avoid any mistakes during the application process.

Q. Is there an age limit for applying for a Kenyan Police Clearance Certificate?

A. Generally, there is no specific age limit for obtaining a Kenyan PCC. However, certain institutions or employers may have their own age requirements for background checks.

Q. Can I request a Kenyan Police Clearance Certificate for someone else, such as a family member?

A. In most cases, you must apply for a Kenyan PCC on your own behalf due to privacy and security concerns. However, you may need a notarized authorization letter to apply on behalf of someone else.

Q. Is a Kenyan Police Clearance Certificate required for international travel or immigration?

A. Yes, many countries and immigration authorities require a Kenyan PCC as part of the visa or immigration application process. It verifies your criminal record status in Kenya.

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