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Information for Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Director of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Headquarters office. In Bangladesh, the criminal record information is maintained at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Dhaka. PCC Certifying that the applicant has never partaken in any criminal activity that led to the involvement of the (Bangladeshi Police Force) and is also required when a person applies for an immigration status to other countries. Person applying for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) are required to state the period of stay in Bangladesh. Documentary proof of stay is to be provided. First Entry and Last Exit date STAMP is also required. All pages of VISA (Colour Copy).

It is issued to any individual who reside more than 6 months in Bangladesh.

Procedure of Getting Police Clearance Certificate

In order to obtain a police clearance certificate from Bangladesh, applicant should write a formal application letter addressing SP/ Commissioner, explaining why police certificate is being requested. Individual may apply through our authorized organisation nominated as third party. Documentary prove of legal stay in Bangladesh is also required for this process. You have to fill the prescribed application form in all sections completed in BLOCK CAPITALS with black ink provided by our lab. The current processing time is 2 weeks for PCC. There is no fast-track system in place for the disclosure of priority cases. The certificates will be posted to the forwarding address as indicated by the applicants in the application, with in a short interval of time, via courier, at an additional cost.

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate

  1. Completed Application Form (Personal Particular).
  2. Attested photocopies of your passports (All Pages) of the Current Passport and passport which you used while you were in Bangladesh.
  3. Three passport-size photographs.
  4. Copy of your work Permit/Appointment Letter/Dependent Pass etc.
  5. Description form (Personal Particular) attested either by Police Station or Notary Public.
  6. The present address of the applicant must match with that mentioned in national ID card.
  7. A detailed self-explanatory letter stating the period of stay in Bangladesh and need for the said certificate.
  8. The attestation should be also done by the officials of the respected Bangladesh Embassy/Bangladesh High commission.
  9. The present address of the applicant must match with that mentioned in national ID card.

Processing Time

We will give the original certificate within 2 weeks under normal mode of processing. There is no any fast track process mode for the PCC (The processing time will increases if a person was ever charged by the police)

Processing Fee

Applicable Fee

Payment is non-refundable once the application is processed.

Police Certificate Issuing Authority

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP),

36 Shaheed Captain Mansur Ali Soroni,


Dhaka – 1217,


Police Clearance Certificate Check-list

Before leaving our office please verify the check-list that documents in order-

  1. Fully Completed application Form.
  2. Passport size Photograph.
  3. Authorization letter filled and signed by the applicant.
  4. Certified copies of two identification documents.
  5. Documentary proof of legal stay in Bangladesh.
  6. Application processing fees.

Head Office

2443, Basement, Hudson Line,
Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009
Email: pcc@fingerprintexpert.in
Call: +91-1145152301, +91-9599313306

Address of Embassy in India

Bangladesh High Commission
EP-39, Dr. S. Radhakrisehnan Marg,
New Delhi-110021

  • Asked by : Babita
    2019-11-16 12:59:28
    I was working in Bangladesh till Se0t 2019 ad then had a business visa till Nov 1st week . I need a PCC for my work permit to another country . I am currently in Vietnam . How can I obtain it sitting here in Vietnam . Can you please help . . ?
  • Asked by : Mohammad Wajih Alam
    2018-04-19 23:29:12
    I was looking to obtain police clearance from Bangladesh. I am a Nepali Citizen. How much is the cost to obtain this certificate?. ?
  • Asked by : Patrick Harry
    2017-08-09 13:38:28
    I am pakistani nationality . ?
  • Asked by : Dhaval V
    2017-07-27 05:16:28
    Hi, I am an Indian currently in Canada. Between 2013 and 2015, for official purposes for my company to in India, I used to visit Bangladesh for not more than 10-15 days at a time. The total number of days comes to 192 days which is little above the 6 month time. During my visits, I used to stay at Hotels and hospital guest houses and so I do not have an address that I can give, from where they could verify my records. The hotel stays were sponsored or paid by my company, so I do not have any records of the same. Will it be possible for me to get the PCC for Bangladesh? I need it for immigration purpose. . ?
  • Asked by : sarower
    2017-07-08 15:04:59
    I am a student.. ?
  • Asked by : himagirish
    2017-06-21 09:29:13
    I worked in Bangladesh from 2003 to 2008 for a period of 5 years .Now as part of UK visa , I am asked to submit the PCC.The company I worked in Bangladesh didn't give me any copy of work permit . During these years I lost few certificates which I procured from Dhaka .I only have the scanned copy of experience certificate and original passports with visa and arrival . ?
  • Asked by : RAFIQUL ISLAM
    2017-06-15 21:44:05
    FOR VISA. ?
  • Asked by : Subrata Roy
    2017-05-28 10:41:19
    Hi,I was born and brought up in Bangladesh as a Citizen of Bangladesh. Later in 2013, I renounced the Bangladeshi Citizenship and acquired the Indian Citizenship legally. Currently I am holding an Indian Passport. I need the PCC from Bangaldesh Police in order to apply for my Canadian Immigration. Please let me know what is the process to be followed and how can you assist me in this. I am residing in Bangalore corrently.ThanksSubrata Roy. ?
  • Asked by : Mohammad ali
    2017-05-09 14:32:35
    pcc s. ?
  • Asked by : MAFUZ
    2017-04-05 20:46:55
    police clearance certificated for go saudiarabia. ?
  • Asked by : ariful hossen
    2017-03-27 11:59:06
    How i application for a pcc in online(it is not for me it is for my brother). How i got a pcc as early.plz advise me in details.. ?
  • Asked by : bijan kumar datta
    2017-03-20 17:39:27
    I am seeking a police clearance certificate from home ministry Bangladesh for foreigners. which one employed at Bangladesh. ?
  • Asked by : Darma K. Sebastian
    2017-03-03 17:47:58
    I am an Indian citizen currently staying in India. I need to submit PCC Bangladesh for my visa application for New Zealand as I stayed in Bangladesh for more than 5 years. I studied at Asian University for women, chittagong from March 2008 to June 2013. So, how can i get this PCC? . ?
    2017-02-18 13:00:23
    For getting police clearance cdrtificate. ?
  • Asked by : Prodip Kumar Dey
    2017-02-01 09:04:58
    What is PCC.Why I need it?. ?
  • Asked by : salim reza khan chowdhury
    2017-01-30 13:54:11
    Police clearing certificate from Bangladesh. ?
  • Asked by : Md.Jakir Hossain
    2017-01-28 05:28:12
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  • Asked by : ripon
    2016-12-07 17:59:32
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  • Asked by : denis baker
    2016-08-11 20:19:05
    I am seeking a police clearance certificate from Bangladesh where i worked on an aid project from 2003 to 2005. I need the certificate for my application for permanent residence in Canada where I am now residing. Could you assist me in obtaining this certificate? Pl advise if you can and your fee for this service. ?

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