Fingerprint for FBI, RCMP Police Verification in Hyderabad, India

We provide Fingerprint Services for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Visa/Immigration Application in Hyderabad

RealScan Biometric is one of the leading service provider in Hyderabad with our several branches across the country, we provide highly professional services to our clients using various modes and techniques of fingerprinting as per the requirement like Ink-Rolled and Digital Fingerprinting. We are providing Fingerprinting Services from more than a decade, with our well-equipped and well-qualified team of experts. The fingerprinting service provided by us is strictly as per the rules and regulations, mentioned/defined by the concerned Country/Embassy.

We provide our clients Quality Service, by providing them timely update about the process status, irrespective of the time and distance issues. Working in the field of forensics since a long time and providing our clients with the satisfactory response, we are one of the most experienced agency to provide fingerprint services around the country, with Excellency, Perfection and Highly-affordable services.

We do provide On-Site Fingerprinting Service* to our customers who wish to have the Ink Fingerprinting done at their site instead of coming to our office. The applicant can opt for this service as per their schedule in Hyderabad India.

Fingerprint Services that we provide in Hyderabad, India

  • Fast fingerprint Service for PCC
  • Digital fingerprints for PCC
  • Ink-Rolled fingerprint Services for PCC
  • Fingerprint consultant for visa
  • Fingerprint consultant for Visa
  • FBI FD 258 card fingerprint expert
  • Fingerprint consultant for passports
  • RCMP Canada Fingerprint on Form C216C
  • Fingerprints for FBI clearance in INDIA
  • Fingerprinting for good citizen certificate
  • Fingerprinting for visa immigration in India
  • FBI fingerprints criminal record check India
  • Agency for live scan fingerprint in Hyderabad
  • Fingerprinting Services for SAPS-91 South African fingerprint card

  • Asked by : Mahesh
    2019-12-10 12:43:57
    I need to complete USA PCC from FBI . Currently I am in Hyderabad . Could you please give me a call to discuss on the process and fees involved . Regards Mahesh. ?
  • Asked by : kalidindi venkata appala narasimha raju
    2018-11-14 10:07:09
    i need pcc from qatar please send me the details,and fee detail and all,i am from andhra pradesh .so send me the office address and all. ?
  • Asked by : Vijay
    2018-11-05 10:19:20
    Hi, I need to get the fingerprints scanned for me and my wife to get fresh Police Clearance issued from South Africa where we lived until 2015. We need to send the fingerprints to Criminal Records Center, South Africa for issuance of PCC.Pl. advise if your have a centre in Hyderabad for fingerprint scanning.Thanks. ?
  • Asked by : Akhil
    2018-08-22 20:11:30
    I want PCC US and I live in Hyderabad. Please let me know the process on how I can get it through you. The turn around time and cost involved. ?
  • Asked by : Amit
    2018-01-22 14:59:30
    Hello,I live in Sikh Village Secunderabad Telangana. I d like to apply for an FBI PCC and would like to know of the services that you offer to facilitate that. Please provide me with a complete brakdown of your services and corresponding charges. If you do not have a representative or office in Hyderabad then i can travel to Mumbai within the next 2 weeks and have it done if the price is right.Look forward to hearing from you.Regards,Amit. ?
  • Asked by : khaja imranuddin
    2017-11-29 23:53:16
    FBI PCC Biometric finger print service is available? if yes the what is the processing time to get the results.. ?
  • Asked by : anil
    2017-11-17 20:39:58
    Need police clearance for visa processing. ?
  • Asked by : sameer
    2017-10-23 17:31:08
    hi i need fingger print for oman pcc, what are chrges please reply now. ?
  • Asked by : muni
    2017-09-22 10:13:37
    I want to get pcc from USA. I am staying in Hyderabad India. What is the address of your Hyderabad branch.. ?
  • Asked by : yellaiah
    2017-06-10 13:12:34
    Where I done electronic fingerprints for FBI clearance.? I am staying hyderabad in india.. ?
  • Asked by : Rosa castro
    2017-04-22 13:36:55
    I need to get fingerprints. I need to find a place in Gothenburg, Sweden. ?
  • Asked by : Chirag Patel
    2017-03-24 03:20:28
    Hi Team,I need to obtain a PCC from Hong Kong police as my wife was working from there for about year and three months. Now since I'm applying for Australia PR visa, I need to submit CNCC from HK police for my wife as she is going to be my dependent in my PR file. Please let me know, if you help get the PCC done for Hong Kong, process time . ?
  • Asked by : Rupesh
    2017-02-16 23:40:58
    Hi , I need RCMP certificate for Canadian PR . I am based in Hyderabad.Let me know the process and fee.Thanks Rupesh. ?
  • Asked by : deekonda satyanarayana
    2016-11-03 22:44:52
    in a registered document i have not given finger print but in cid department fsl report says it is matching.How it can be. that means two person will have same left thumb finger print.i need solution to my problem.please guide methanking you sir . ?
  • Asked by : deekonda
    2016-11-03 21:10:29
    two persons have same finger print.if left thumb of two persons will have matched.your report can be submitted in courts of Telangana state . ?
  • Asked by : sandhya
    2016-08-24 20:39:23
    Do you do fingerprinting for UAE police clearance. ?
  • Asked by : sayeed
    2016-08-19 14:41:53
    Do you guys have the branch in Hyderabad. ?
  • Asked by : pothireddy
    2016-08-11 10:47:48
    Please provide the details of fingerprinting for visa process . ?

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