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Information for Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), State of Bahrain. In Bahrain, the criminal record information is maintained at the Criminal Investigation Department, Bahrain Police Force. PCC Certifying that the applicant has never partaken in any criminal activity that led to the involvement of the (Bahraini Police Force) and is also required when a person applies for an immigration status to other countries.

Person applying for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) are required to state the period of stay in Bahrain. Documentary proof of stay is to be provided. First Entry and Last Exit date STAMP is also required. All pages of VISA (Colour Copy).

It is issued to any individual who reside more than 6 months in Bahrain.

Procedure of Getting Police Clearance Certificate

You will have to write a letter to embassy stating that you require a PCC and that you are authorizing our Organization to collect it on your behalf. Applicant must apply with Completed Application Form (Personal Particular) provided by our Organization for Police Clearance Certificate. The applicant should furnish his or her full name, date and place of birth, and place and period of all residences in the Bahrain, including full addresses. The certificate will be posted to the forwarding address as indicated by the applicants in the application.

Our Organization provide two kinds of services for getting Police Clearance Certificate from Bahrain.
In Normal Mode, Criminal Investigation Department takes 12 business weeks to process the application if no criminal record is found.
In Expedited Service the applicant will get the Police Clearance Certificate within 4 business weeks.In fast mode PCC Application, the Certificate of Good Conduct (hard copy) will be delivered to Applicants Address at an additional cost.

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate

  1. A letter explaining the purpose for which the police clearance certificate is required.
  2. Fully completed application form (Personal Particular).
  3. A set of applicant’s fingerprint impressions (ten prints). The applicant must submit a set of his/her fingerprint impressions with Official stamp of certifying authority.
  4. Attach three passport size photos with a blue background.
  5. Attach a copy of the passport and the residence permit which are issued by the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  6. Certificate issuance fee (1 BD).
  7. A detailed covering letter stating the period of stay in Bahrain and need for the said certificate.
  8. Copies of the first three of the data pages of his/her passport as well as the pages containing Bahrain visas, entry and departure stamps.
  9. Attach a copy of your new passport.(if applicable).

Processing Time

We will give the original Police Clearance Certificate within 12 weeks(Normal Mode) & 4 weeks (Expedited Service)The processing time will increases if a person was ever charged by the police)

Processing Fee

Applicable Fee

Payment is non-refundable once the application is processed

Police Certificate Issuing Authority

Police Clearance Certificate Check-list

Before leaving our office please verify the check-list that documents in order-

  1. Application Form (Fully completed and signed).
  2. Prescribed fingerprint form duly attested by our Organization.
  3. Two proofs of current address showing both your name and address.
  4. Document (s) certifying you are working, were working are or living in Bahrain.
  5. Processing fee for the application.
  6. All copies of documents must be certified.
  7. Copy of the passport on which entry and final exit was stamped.
  8. Authority Letter for the individual who will deposit the fee and collect the PCC.

Head Office

2443, Basement, Hudson Line,
Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009
Email: pcc@fingerprintexpert.in
Call: +91-1145152301, +91-9599313306

Address of Embassy in India

Bahraini Embassy
42  Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi, Delhi 110057

  • Asked by : Aditya
    2017-03-23 12:21:50
    Hi,I am staying in bahrain from last 12 months, I want to get PCC from bahrain for Australian Permanent Residency, Kindly suggest what is the procedure to get the PCC, like which office to visit, what are the documents required. Kindly Suggest. Thanks in advance.. ?
  • Asked by : Shinto Sebastian
    2017-02-28 07:58:02
    Respected sir , I worked in Bahrain around seven years. Now I am in india last two years . Now I want pcc from bahrain my wife is in newzealand. It need to get pcc from bahrain for applying visa for newzealand. For this what I need to do for this please reply.. ?
  • Asked by : prakash baliga
    2017-02-11 15:17:06
    Dear Sir,My wife visited Bahrain on Visit Visa multiple times from 2008 onwards. The cumulative number of days comes to around 13 months in past 10 years. I am applying for Australian permanent residency wherein there is a requirement for PCC if stayed in any country for more than 12 months in last 10 years. I hereby need a confirmation if PCC will be issued in above case. Her visit was only on holidays to meet her parents and no other purpose like work or business and was on visit EVisa. Please confirm if PCC will be issues ? Will i be able to get a letter from the Bahrain high commission that no PCC will be issued for Visit VISA , which would be helpful for me to share with the Australian Immigration Department. ThanksPrakash. ?
  • Asked by : GURMEET SINGH
    2016-12-10 23:22:42
    i want to police clearance chertificate from bahrain for portugal. ?
  • Asked by : sandeep joshi
    2016-08-03 13:27:02
    sir camplit my pcc my visa last day 6 agust. ?
  • Asked by : manprit
    2016-05-10 06:40:50
    Hi plz tell me about how much fee for Bahrain police clearance and which name we will make money order thanks. ?

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