Police Clearance Certificate PCC from Kuwait

Information for Police Clearance Certificate

The issuance of Police Clearance Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate is a charged service provided by the Department of Criminal Evidence Kuwait which is solely in connection with a person’s application for a visa to visit or reside in another country. Applications for the Certificate for any other purposes will not be accepted. Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, General Department of Criminal Evidence in Kuwait. In Kuwait, the criminal record information is maintained at the Department of Criminal Evidence. Good Conduct Certificate certifying that the applicant has never partaken in any criminal activity that led to the involvement of the Kuwait Police Force and is also required when a person applies for an immigration status to other countries. Person applying for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) are required to state the period of stay in Kuwait. Documentary proof of stay is to be provided. First Entry and Last Exit date STAMP is also required. All pages of VISA (Colour Copy).

It is issued to any individual who reside more than 6 months in Kuwait.

Procedure of Getting Police Clearance Certificate

You will have to write a letter to the Kuwaiti Embassy stating that you require a PCC and that you are authorizing our organisation to collect it on your behalf. Applicant must apply with Completed Application Form (Personal Particular) provided at our lab for Police Clearance Certificate. You should send a written disclosure request to the relevant Consulate / Immigration Authority / Government Authority, which contains his or her name and clearly indicates that the production of the Certificate is required. The applicant should furnish his or her full name, date and place of birth, and place and period of all residences in the Kuwait, including full addresses. A set of 10 fingerprint impressions* taken by a qualified fingerprint officer at our lab. The certificate will be posted to the forwarding address as indicated by the applicants in the application. The Ministry of Interiors takes 4 weeks to process the application if no criminal record found.

Documents required for Police Clearance Certificate

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Full set of fingerprints impressions.
  3. Original Indian Police Clearance Certificate is required.
  4. Four recent passport size photographs (without spectacles & Cap).
  5. Self-Attested colored scanned/photocopies of your passports (current & old) and another Identity document.
    (email: realscanbiometric@gmail.com)
  6. Documentary proof of last residential address in State of Kuwait.
  7. Kuwait Civil ID Card issued in State of Kuwait or copy of your work Permit / Appointment Letter / Dependent Pass etc.
  8. Purpose for PCC (Immigration Authority Letter) or Letter stating the reasons for PCC.

Processing Time

We will give the original certificate in 20 working days under normal mode of processing. (The processing time will increases if a person was ever charged by the police)

Processing Fee

Applicable Fee

Payment is non-refundable once the application is processed.

Head Office

2443, Basement, Hudson Line,
Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009
Email: pcc@fingerprintexpert.in
Call: +91-1145152301, +91-9599313306

Police Certificate Issuing Authority

Ministry of the Interior

Address of Embassy in India

Kuwait Embassy
5 A, Shanti path, Chanakya puri,
New Delhi 110021

  • Asked by : Alia
    2020-03-02 12:08:39
    Hi, I need to get my PCC for Canada Immigration and currently in Dubai. I wanted to know what is the the procedure and paperwork required to obtain my PCC. . ?
  • Asked by : kamalpreet singh
    2019-12-22 08:25:12
    can i apply online from india for kuwait pcc. ?
  • Asked by : shiva
    2019-10-14 23:11:23
    Hi sir, my name is shiva from india since 2017 am working in kuwait so up coming December my visa will going to kalash so i am trying to apply PCC so how i will get PCC from kuwait Govt. ?
  • Asked by : anoop poulose
    2019-09-09 12:18:00
    hii am working in kuwait since 8 years. now i got an oppurtuinity to migrate to australia. for that i need police clearance from kuwait.but there is a problem that;i need to change my passport when i need to back to india. so i just want to know is it possible to take a kuwait police clearance from India.???????. ?
  • Asked by : monzur hossain
    2019-08-25 20:08:16
    How to check have my fingerprint plz help me. ?
  • Asked by : Meena
    2019-06-05 12:18:18
    Dear Sir, I need a police clearance from Kuwait as I am leaving the country since I do not have a job still. I am still looking for a job in middle east or south east asia. Is it possible to have a general police clearance certificate from Kuwait.. ?
  • Asked by : Easo
    2019-04-17 17:37:03
    Pcc for Kuwait. ?
  • Asked by : ruth
    2019-02-25 21:21:22
    Can i request pcc letter while am at malaysia i will be needing pcc frm kuwait for my visa for australia. I work in kuwait last 2011 to 2016. I should go back same employer but they just book one way ticket and when am ready to go back i already have replacement... ?
  • Asked by : Reshma Rajan
    2019-01-25 13:15:22
    It's for my husband currently working in Qatar. He needs to get pcc from kuwait for immigration New Zealand. He worked in Kuwait for 8 years till 2017. What is the procedure, time frame and the cost for the same. ?. ?
  • Asked by : Binu Cherian
    2018-12-07 03:05:39
    I worked in Kuwait and currently residing in Canada. I need a Police Clearance Certificate from Kuwait for the period of 2013- 2016. Can I get it, if so how long will it take and how much does it cost for the service?. ?
  • Asked by : KRISHNA MURTHY
    2018-10-14 12:43:40
    I am a resident of Dubai, I need PCC Kuwait. Please do let me know if you have an office/agent in Dubai. Please let me know the Fee for procuring PCC, Kuwait.ThanksKrishna Murthy. ?
  • Asked by : vinay dsouza
    2018-10-08 09:57:33
    currently residig in india , wanted to get pcc from kuwait for immigration . what is the procedure and the cost for the same. ?
  • Asked by : justin antony
    2018-09-19 01:58:53
    I was working in Kuwait from 2007 to 2014. At present Iam in Canada and Currently for the process of US Visa. I would like to get a Police clearance certificate. Kindly let me know how to proceed.Antony Joseph67, Cedarwood crescent Brampton, Ontario, Canada. ?
  • Asked by : Jacob
    2018-07-02 19:52:41
    hi,i was in Kuwait for almost 18 months on employment.Left Kuwait permanently in year 2007.It had been more than 11 years that i left kuwait.Now i got Immigration for USA.Do i need PCC from Kuwait as more than 11 years i left Kuwait.. ?
  • Asked by : pathiranage lalith kumara abeysinghe
    2018-06-09 13:52:45
    Dear Siri need to get a pcc from kuwait for an immigration purpose to continue my work in newzealand.please be kind enough to send me the way how to apply. ?
  • Asked by : Nirmala
    2018-05-29 15:41:03
    Dear sir, my friend is Nepali citizen but he was in kuwait 4 yrs ago for 9 month and now he is in japan in student visa.Now he has got 1st selection in DV in USA. So for interview purpose we seek for the police clearance certificate. Before 4 yrs in kuwait he was working their. So please can i get information that how can we start process to receive the Police clearance certificate as the person is now residing in japan in student visa.what sort of document we need to start from Nepal and is ther any kuwait conaultant in Nepal.Hoping for the cooperation and support .Regards,Nirmala. ?
  • Asked by : A Madhavan
    2018-05-06 10:51:08
    Hi, I am residing in Kuwait since 2007. I want Kuwait PCC for USA. My I-526 petition got approved and received NVC case number. To apply DS-260 need PCC. In Kuwait office, requesting US embassy request for getting PCC, kindly advise. . ?
  • Asked by : D Shaik
    2018-04-12 23:12:27
    Need PCC for Hyderabad city , for house maid please mail me if you can do the process in short time . ?
  • Asked by : P.MOHANKUMAR
    2018-04-06 17:45:23
    Dear sir iam residing now at kuwait I will cancel my visa will be 20.04.2018,I how can I apply a pcc and how long it will be taken.either if ill came India without pcc can I take kuwait pcc from india .. ?
  • Asked by : SREENIVASAN
    2018-04-05 19:58:47
    HyI worked for a company at kuwait as sales engineer. My residency expires only by May 2019. Currently i am at india and planning to PR canada. Am i able to get PCC from india in such case. Also I left kuwait cuz the company got closed, i doubt whether the sponsor filed any case against me.. ?
  • Asked by : mri
    2018-03-04 23:36:48
    My son applied for his Kuwait Pcc through a friend in Kuwait. All his process is done except for fingerprinting. THe officials in Kuwait has asked for my son's finger prints from India. Can you help with this service in Mumbai... Just sending the fingerprints as required through Kuwait embassy. He is applying for immigration. We need it in next 7-10 days (PCC). ?
  • Asked by : Shekh Sohrab
    2018-02-17 17:43:03
    how to apply job U.A.E PCC . ?
  • Asked by : Yagnavel
    2018-02-10 12:02:32
    Hi,I am currently working as Civil Engineer in Kuwait country.Meanwhile I am planning to return to India and will stay in India for few years(say 2-3years).After to that, if I apply for Canada/Australia/New Zealand visa, do I need Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) for the period I stayed in Kuwait. Also can I apply for PCC during that time ?, else will it be wiser to get PCC now itself prior to leave Kuwait.. ?
  • Asked by : Akhil
    2018-01-12 11:50:59
    Procedures to get pcc from kuwait for usa immigration. ?
  • Asked by : A
    2018-01-04 16:34:52
    My wife lives in China currently, we need to obtain a pcc from kuwait, because she lived there for seven years...we are applying for her America Visas. ... please help!!. ?
  • Asked by : Anu p krishnan
    2017-11-26 22:29:57
    Hi Can you please give information about kuwait police clearance certificate for applying ireland visa and how to contact ireland embassy for getting the letter. ?
  • Asked by : Renjith Lawrence
    2017-10-29 11:06:37
    How can I get Online PCC from Kuwait ?. ?
  • Asked by : mohsin
    2017-10-16 21:43:04
    I reside in india and i have been to kuwait and i need a pcc from kuwait because I want to apply for a canadian visa. ?
  • Asked by : Azeb belay
    2017-10-14 20:51:19
    Hi i'm Azeb i was lieveing in kuwait from August 2007-december2008 so now i live in ethiopia and i need kuwait police certeficate for canada process please how can i get that? . ?
  • Asked by : vignesh
    2017-10-11 18:38:16
    Hello I am presently in Qatar I was working in kuwait before I need pcc is it possible?. ?
  • Asked by : Remya Joseph
    2017-09-18 11:33:38
    I was a resident in kuwait from 04July 2010 to 14 November 2013. Currently I require a pcc from kuwait for Australia and I've obtained an online criminal check aswell by fit to work. Could you please assist me to get a pcc as it's an urgent matter.. ?
  • Asked by : rana
    2017-07-26 18:23:19
    Hi every body I need some information iam living in Kuwait and iam from Pakistan I apply visa for China from Kuwait China government need Good conduct certificate I asked from Pakistan they say iam living in Kuwait get from Kuwait today I go ministry of interior Kuwait they told me bring letter from China embassy pcc I go there they don't have any PCC letter please guide me how I get Good conduct certificate. ?
  • Asked by : milsa
    2017-07-04 14:12:04
    is there request letter from Ireland embassy for issuing pcc from Kuwait for applying visa to Ireland?. ?
  • Asked by : clare
    2017-05-29 19:51:36
    Hi, i found a case in kuwait court page under my civil id number and its about viva thing, would that affect to not to issue a police certificate? . ?
  • Asked by : Abhay
    2017-04-22 10:00:53
    HI team ,I need PCC for Kuwait Visa, My current address and permanant address is different than the addresson passportPassport address is college address .Passport was issued from DELHI and current and permanant address comes in jurisdication of Ghaziabad PSK , Please suggest further how can I get the PCC . ?
  • Asked by : Tommy
    2017-02-14 10:24:25
    Hi,My fiancee requires police clearance from Kuwait because she moved back to India and has not been at her current residence for more than 12 months - and needs a new passport.Can you please tell me what documents are required, are fingerprints necessary or Kuwait can use the ones they have on file already.She lived in Kuwait from July 2011 to July 2016.Also what are the costs for this service?ThanksTommy. ?
  • Asked by : kiele
    2016-10-06 16:07:06
    Can i have a sample of good conduct certificate please. I just want to match it with me.. ?

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