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Success Story | Fingerprinting for Canada Immigration January 10, 2022 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Success Story | Fingerprinting for Canada Immigration


One of our clients whose name is JASMEET SINGH needed fingerprinting service for Canadian immigration purposes.

The condition of his hands was dry and therefore so everytime his fingerprints are not clear. Before approaching RealScan Biometircs, he has sent the fingerprint card to the Immigration Authority, but got rejected because of poor quality prints.

We analyzed his fingerprints and told him that because of inadequate quality, the print will be rejected at a rate of greater than 99 percent.

And he had taken the right decision by approaching our firm as we use the latest fingerprinting technology for highest quality prints.

Initially he was a bit hesitant. Then our expert convinced him and asked him not to panic.

We advised him to apply moisturizer for a month so that the quality of fingerprints might improve. And after that our fingerprint expert will gather your fingerprints and keep you updated until the process is finished.

Finally, he used the moisturizer for a month. After a month he came back to us and one of our fingerprint experts, Vivek Khare at RealScan Biometrics collected his fingerprints.

Now the difference between the current and the earlier prints that got rejected was clearly visible. The new set of fingerprint impressions were much better than the old one.

Now he was extremely happy and stated, "I would suggest you to anyone who is facing a similar problem because you are a really knowledgeable, professional, and experienced team”.

The suggestions and assistance JASMEET SINGH received from us was highly valuable and beneficial.

He said that the Real Scan team is incredibly friendly and they took excellent care of his difficulties from the beginning to the end and he specifically appreciated Vivek Khare for his helping attitude and seamless communication with him.

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