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Success Story | Fingerprinting Service March 28, 2022 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Success Story | Fingerprinting Service


Manisha Sachdeva required fingerprinting assistance. She contacted our team to assist her.

Manisha Sachdeva: Hello sir, I’m Manisha Sachdeva.

RealScan Biometrics: Hello mam, what kind of help do you need from us?

Manisha Sachdeva: I am looking for fingerprinting service provider. I noticed you provide these services. Is it true?

RealScan Biometrics: Yes, Mam, we do provide fingerprinting services.

Manisha Sachdeva: Okay, so what is the procedure that needs to be followed?

RealScan Biometrics: Please visit our website to learn more about the procedure and for other details. If possible, it would be best if you can visit our office. We will give you all the information you need to know about the process.

Manisha Sachdeva: Okay, that's alright. I have understood the procedure, but how will you acquire my fingerprints? I'm live far away from your office.

RealScan Biometrics: You need not worry about it. Our team will provide you with doorstep service as soon as possible.

Manisha Sachdeva: Is it possible that I record fingerprints myself? Is there something wrong with that?

RealScan Biometrics: Yes, you can record fingerprints yourself. However, if the fingerprints are not clear, it would be an issue and might get rejected. So, it is advisable to hire fingerprint expert to record high quality fingerprints using the latest technology.

Manisha Sachdeva: How long will it take you to complete it?

RealScan Biometrics: Recording a fingerprint doesn't take very long. There won't be any delay from our end.

Manisha Sachdeva: What if it does not arrive in a timely manner?

RealScan Biometrics: Delay is nearly impossible as you will be given your fingerprints immediately after we record them. Also, we will support you at every step.

Manisha Sachdeva: Thank you very much. Lets proceed further.

RealScan: Sure, sure. So, let us go to the following phase.


After collecting her fingerprints, our specialist handed her a fingerprint card that she needed to submit.

She forgot to take her second copy of fingerprints. In that case, one of our staff members assisted her by quickly and safely taking her second fingerprint card.

Review: The team was very supportive. The entire process was smooth and speedy. I had forgotten to take a second copy of my fingerprints. But the expert (Vikas) from the team came back and helped me with the second copy and the team didn't charge me extra for that. Thank you so much.

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