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Success Story | Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificate in 25 Working Days February 07, 2022 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Success Story | Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificate in 25 Working Days


Police Clearance Certificate from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Mazoomdar Kote

RealScan Biometrics: Hello Sir how can I help you?

Mazoomdar: Hi, how can I get PCC from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

RealScan Biometrics: Yes Sir, we can definitely help you. Please tell us your name and related details.

Mazoomdar: I am Mazoomdar Kote, stayed in Saudi Arabia for a while. I need the Saudi Arabia PCC for immigration purpose.

RealScan Biometrics: Okay sir we will definitely assist you. We need a list of documents. So, can you please submit all those via mail?

Mazoomdar: Off course, I will submit all the required documents.

RealScan Biometrics: Sir we need your rolled and flat fingerprint impressions. When you will be available so that our executive can record and collect them?

Mazoomdar: Yeah…. during these days I am free. Do I need to come to the office for this?

RealScan Biometrics: That’s up to you sir. If you need home service, our team will come and collect your fingerprint impressions. However, you need to pay the visiting charges.

Mazoomdar: Okay and how many days will it take to get my Criminal Clearance Certificate?

RealScan Biometrics:  Sir usually it takes around 35-40 working days.

Mazoomdar: Okay so if any rejection occurs, we need to do it again?

RealScan Biometrics:  It’s very uncommon to get rejected due to a mistake from our side. Even if it happens, we will  definitely help you.

Mazoomdar: Okay so I am completely satisfied with your words. Please move with my PCC work.

RealScan Biometrics: Okay sir, if you are completely satisfied and agree to do your PCC work, then you have to write a confirming letter stating your consent. After we receive your letter, we will start the process and within the time period your Saudi Arabia PCC will be delivered to the  given address.


After getting his confirmation letter, our crew started actively working with his PCC process. Once the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Police force verified the documents and issued the PCC and handed over to us, we delivered his Criminal Clearance Certificate safely within 25 days.

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