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Success Story | PCC from Singapore Within 35 Days November 08, 2021 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Success Story | PCC from Singapore Within 35 Days


Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Singapore for permanent residence in the United Kingdom.


After working as a nurse in Singapore, Priyanka Tripathi, a resident of Kolkata, India, sought to shift her base to the UK. Her main objective was to get PCC as soon as possible. 


She approached our organization, Real Scan Biometrics, and talked with the admin.


Here is an excerpt from the conversation between Priyanka and our expert:


Priyanka: Hello, I am Priyanka from Kolkata.

RealScan: Hello, Priyanka. How can we help you?


Priyanka: I want to shift my base to the UK and require PCC from Singapore. Can your firm arrange it for me?

RealScan: Yes. Our firm, Real Scan Biometrics, is a leading and oldest private organization that provides all types of fingerprinting and PCC services for several countries.


Priyanka: What is the procedure to apply for PCC for the UK?

RealScan: You can visit how to get PCC from Singapore on our website. We have provided complete details of the procedure you need to follow.


Priyanka: I reside in Kolkata. How long will it take to get my fingerprints?

RealScan: Our network is present all over India, and our associates even provide door-to-door service to our clients.


Priyanka: In how much time will I receive my PCC?

RealScan: As soon as we receive all the documents, we will forward the details to Singapore Police Force. There will be no delay from our side. 


Priyanka: What if there is a delay in receiving PCC from Singapore?

RealScan: It rarely happens. But if it happens, we make all efforts in pushing the concerned agency to speed up the process, but we cannot force them. Every agency has its working style.


Priyanka: Can I take fingerprints myself?

RealScan: Yes, you can. But fingerprints with a poor quality face more than 99% rejection. Our forensic experts use the latest techniques to obtain the highest quality fingerprints.


Priyanka: I feel convinced now. Would you please update me with the steps I need to follow?

RealScan: Sure. Before we begin, you have to authorize us to apply for PCC on your behalf. Once you do that, we will proceed further with the process.



After receiving an authorization letter from her, our experts updated her with the application form and a list of documents she needed to submit. Once we did the fingerprinting, we followed the complete process prescribed by Singapore Police Force. And within 35 days, we delivered the PCC to her.


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