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Need for Police Clearance Certificate March 27, 2023 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Need for Police Clearance Certificate

What is Police Clearance Certificate?

Police Clearance Certificate or good conduct certificate is a legal document issued by a Government Agency or the Police Department that validates your character as an individual with no criminal record during the period of your stay in a country. 

It approves your ethical behavior as a law-abiding citizen, visitor, student, or worker and includes your details along with your fingerprints.

If there are records of you being involved in any illegal activity, the clearance certificate will show it as a remark. 

Also, the issuing country’s police department holds the right not to issue you the certificate if background checks prove you as a threat to society or if there is a pending case against you in a court of law.

Why are Fingerprints Required for PCC?

The primary role of the law authorities is to ensure to issue the certificate to the eligible person only. And the best method to check the applicant's authenticity is to get his fingerprints recorded by an authorized agency.

Fingerprints are unique to each individual. Hence fingerprinting is done to establish and verify the identity of the person applying for PCC. 

Other supporting documents like a passport must be submitted irrespective of the country you are applying for.

When is PCC Required?

PCC is required when you move to a foreign country for employment, immigration, or study purposes. If you are travelling for tourism purposes, then there is no requirement to apply for PCC.

Factors That Can Influence Police Clearance Certificate

There are a few factors because of which police department or certificate issuing law authorities can deny the certificate. Or even if you get the certificate, it will show records of your past unethical behaviour or activities, if any.

You Have a Past Criminal Record

If background checks show you have been involved in any criminal activity or detained in the past, your PCC will contain details about it. And it will also become difficult for you to acquire a PCC.

Involvement in a Criminal Gathering

If you have been a part of or contributed to any gathering, club, or association with a criminal record, it affects your PCC. 

Record of Unethical Character

If your background checks show records of any unethical behavior as a resident that law enforcement considers a danger to society, your PCC can be declined.

Can You Record Fingerprints Yourself?

Sometimes you might feel why there is a need to hire an agency to get this certificate.

Why cannot I apply or record fingerprints myself?

Though you can apply for PCC and take your fingerprints yourself, being a non-professional, you might end up messing up things. If the prints are not clear, your PCC will be denied.

But fingerprints with poor quality face more than 99% rejection. Our forensic experts use the latest techniques to obtain the highest quality fingerprints.

So to avoid delay in getting your PCC, it is advisable to hire professionals to do the work for you.

RealScan Biometrics PCC Services

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