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Success Story | Qatar Police Clearance Certificate for Immigration April 04, 2022 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Success Story | Qatar Police Clearance Certificate for Immigration

Police Clearance Certificate from Qatar acquired within 15 working days for Sarath Vee


Police Clearance Certificate from Qatar for Mr. Sarath Vee

Mr. Sarath Vee needed Qatar Police Clearance Certificate to migrate for Canada and hence he contacted Realscan Biometrics as his Police Clearance Certificate got delayed and also he was required to pay a big amount.

He fixed an appointment with the our Realscan team member. After meeting with our expert, Mr. Sarath Vee got satisfied with Realscan Biometrics procedures and provided all the essential documents asked by our team member.

Our experts briefly explained him about the rolled black ink fingerprinting technique as he was not aware of this process. With a little practice he became convenient with the method and flexibly gave his fingerprint impressions. After this, his fingerprints got accepted by State of Qatar Ministry of Interior.


After completing the whole process required for his Qatar police clearance certificate  by our crew, he got his Police Clearance Certificate  within 15 working days without any delay. Also he was satisfied with our processing fees which is affordable as compared to other service providers and he also said he will approach us whenever the need arises.

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