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Success Story | South African Police Clearance Certificate December 12, 2022 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Success Story | South African Police Clearance Certificate

South Africa Police Clearance Certificate from India Success Story

Sandip Paithankar was seeking for a Police Clearance Certificate from South Africa and found RealScan Biometrics to be a good fit.

Sandip Paithsnkar: Hello Sir, I’m Sandip Paithankar. Is it RealScan Biometrics?

RealScan Biometrics: Yes sir, What can we do to assist you?

Sandip Paithsnkar: Thank you, Sir. I've been looking for a South Africa Police Clearance Certificate, and I noticed on your website that you're working on it.

RealScan Biometrics: Absolutely, Sir, we are continuing to work on it.

Sandip Paithsnkar: Okay, sir, I noticed you're doing it as doorstep service, and I'm curious if it will take longer to deliver the documents.

RealScan Biometrics: Sir, our working period for South Africa Police Clearance Certificate is 40 working days, and we will provide the Police Clearance Certificate to your doorstep within that time frame. On our side, there are no delays.

Sandip Paithsnkar: What should I do if it takes longer?

RealScan Biometrics: It does not happen every time; if it does, we contact them and inquire, but we are unable to compel them to complete, because each agency has its own way of functioning.

Sandip Paithsnkar: Okay sir, and what are the procedures I need to take?

RealScan Biometrics: Sir, you may check the procedure on our website. As a result, you can get more precisely than we explain.

Sandip Paithsnkar: Now that I'm feeling better, may we begin our procedure?

RealScan Biometrics: Sure, Let's go on to the next step.


Following this interaction and once the South Africa Police Clearance Certificate requirements were fulfilled by the client, we proceeded further. He visited our RealScan Biometrics office and submitted his fingerprint impressions. He was quite pleased with our service. We delivered the Police Clearance Certificate within the promised time. 

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