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Success Story | Tanzania Police Clearance Certificate for Immigration April 25, 2022 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Success Story | Tanzania Police Clearance Certificate for Immigration

With the help of RealScan Biometrics, ANWAR MIRZA acquired Tanzania Police Clearance Certificate in just 15 Working days


Need for a Tanzania Police Clearance Certificate for the purpose of immigration.

The following is an excerpt from ANWAR MIRZA's conversation with our expert:

Anwar Mirza: Hello sir, I’m ANWAR MIRZA.

RealScan Biometrics: Good day sir, how can I help you?

Anwar Mirza: Sir, I am in need of a Tanzania Police Clearance Certificate.

RealScan Biometrics: Yes, sir. We will assist you.

Anwar Mirza: Can you tell me the procedure you follow?

RealScan BiometricsSir, Visit our Tanzania Police Clearance Certificate website page. There you can will find complete details of the process and documents required.

Anwar Mirza: How will you collect my fingerprints? I’m too far away from your organization.

RealScan BiometricsDo not get anxious about it sir, our team will provide you with doorstep service as soon as possible.

Anwar Mirza: That’s fine. How much does it cost for Tanzania PCC?

RealScan Biometrics: In comparison to other organizations, the price is really inexpensive, and we offer best processing charges.

Anwar Mirza: What if PCC or fingerprint collection takes longer than anticipated?

RealScan BiometricsMost of the times it does not happen. However, if this occurs, we will make every attempt to persuade the relevant agency to expedite the process.

Anwar Mirza: Ok sir. Now I'm convinced. Could you keep me updated on the steps I need to take?

RealScan BiometricsOff course. Before we start, you must give us permission to apply for PCC on your behalf. We'll go on to the next step once you've done that.


After receiving his confirmation letter, our team started working on his PCC, and once the Tanzania Police Force verified the documents, issued the PCC, and handed it over to us, we delivered his Police Clearance Certificate safely within the promised time frame.

He was also very delighted by our home service. We offered this service because of his tight schedule and completed everything within the prescribed timeframe. He used our service twice to Tanzania PCC and we never let him down. He also recommended us to people if they nedd PCC services from other countries as well for a hassle-free experience.

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