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Can You Record Fingerprints Yourself for Your PCC? December 04, 2023 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Can You Record Fingerprints Yourself for Your PCC?

If you are seeking to obtain a police clearance certificate, then the entire process, including fingerprint recording, form filling, fees, and bureaucratic hurdles, might seem daunting. So you might have thought of skipping the hassle and recording your fingerprints yourself. 

This might look like an easy task. However, this DIY approach can result in several complications, like your application getting rejected.

So let us look into the reality of self-recording fingerprints for your PCC and explore the safer, more reliable alternatives.

Recording Fingerprints Yourself for a Police Clearance Certificate

Nowadays, there are several DIY fingerprinting kits and online tutorials available, promising convenience and potential cost savings. However, it is advised to proceed with caution, as this seemingly simple solution might lead to unexpected complications.

The Reality Check of DIY PCC Fingerprint Recording

Legal Hurdles: Most countries, including India, Australia, and Canada, strictly prohibit self-recorded fingerprints for PCC applications. Attempting to do so can result in application rejection, wasted time, and potential legal consequences.

Accuracy Concerns: Capturing clear, high-quality fingerprints requires specific techniques and equipment. If you do not possess professional expertise, then you will end up with blurry prints, smudges, or incomplete impressions. This will often lead to fingerprint rejection due to poor quality by fingerprint processing authorities.

International Standards: PCC fingerprints adhere to specific international standards for quality and format. If you lack the necessary knowledge and equipment to comply with these standards, you can make your self-recorded prints unusable, significantly delaying your PCC process or rejecting your application.

Security Risks: If you choose to upload your fingerprints online, you can fall prey to potential data breaches and identity theft. Opting for secure, professional services mitigates these risks and ensures your sensitive information remains protected.

Safer Alternatives for Fingerprinting for PCC

Professional Fingerprinting Services: You can opt for authorized fingerprinting capture services by police stations or accredited agencies to get reliable and legally recognized fingerprint solutions. Their expertise ensures high-quality prints that meet international standards, saving you time and frustration.

Embassy or Consulate Assistance: For certain countries, embassies or consulates might offer fingerprinting services for their citizens seeking PCCs. Check with your embassy or consulate's website for eligibility and procedures.


You might save time and money using DIY kits. However, there might be potential delays, rejections, and legal complications, which can lead to much more time wastage in acquiring your PCC. Hence, choosing professional services ensures an accurate, secure, and hassle-free experience, ultimately protecting your valuable time and effort in obtaining your PCC.

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