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Why Do You Need a Police Clearance Certificate? November 13, 2023 - BY RealScan Biometrics

Why Do You Need a Police Clearance Certificate?

The world is filled with opportunities for travel, work, and new beginnings. Yet, several times before commencing your new global adventure, you might come across a term: police clearance certificate.

For many, it might be a hurdle to fulfilling their dreams of moving abroad. 

Hence, in this post, we will offer valuable insights about the reasons for which you might need a police clearance certificate for a smooth journey.

Reasons for Which You Might Need a Police Clearance Certificate

Immigration: If you are planning to move to another country, then you need to fulfill specific requirements, and acquiring a PCC is most essential. Whether you are seeking permanent residency, a long-term visa, or even citizenship, giving proof of your clean criminal record is crucial for gaining entry and starting a new life.

International Employment: Landing your dream job abroad is the most exciting moment for you. However, many employers, especially in sensitive sectors, prioritize background checks. A PCC serves as a valuable tool for employers to assess your suitability and ensure a safe and secure work environment.

Adoption: If you are dreaming of adopting a child and beginning a beautiful journey, then, as adoptive parents, you also need to obtain PCCs to verify your criminal history. This is done to ensure the well-being of the child and provide a protective environment for his growth.

Licensing and Accreditation: Embarking on a new professional path often requires licenses and accreditations. If you are a part of certain sensitive fields, like healthcare or education, you might need a PCC to ensure public safety and the maintenance of ethical standards.

Volunteer Work: When you want to devote your time and skills to international causes, several organizations working for vulnerable populations often emphasize thorough background checks. A PCC demonstrates your commitment to upholding responsible and ethical volunteer practices.

Academic Opportunities: Studying abroad can be a transformative experience for your bright future. However, a few universities might require PCCs to know about your background history to ensure the safety and integrity of their communities.


While these are common scenarios, remember that PCC requirements can vary significantly depending on the issuing country and your purpose for travel. 

So, be sure to conduct thorough research to understand the specific requirements as per your situation.

Understanding the reasons why you need a police clearance certificate enables you to go through the process efficiently.

With proper preparation and awareness, you can ensure this document becomes a passport to your international aspirations, not a roadblock.

Here we have provided a general overview of PCC requirements. We advise you to always consult the official authorities or seek professional guidance for specific details and procedures relevant to your case.

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