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Forensic Photography | Types, Applications, Importance

By RealScan Biometrics | 3rd July, 2023

Forensic Photography | Types, Applicatio...

The drawing was one of the means of communication during olden times.People used to draw things on r...

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Recent Advancements in Impression Evidences

By RealScan Biometrics | 14th March, 2022

Recent Advancements in Impression Eviden...

Impression evidence is those evidence when an object is pressed against another material with suffic...

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History of Fingerprints for Investigation

By RealScan Biometrics | 29th November, 2021

History of Fingerprints for Investigatio...

This article covers the history of fingerprint examination and the relevance of fingerprint impressi...

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Is Biometrics Secure or Can be Hacked?

By RealScan Biometrics | 25th October, 2021

Is Biometrics Secure or Can be Hacked?

Now a day’s, biometrics is widely used across all sectors, especially banks, tour and travel ...

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