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By Ruchika Dwivedi | 16th June, 2022

Cyanoacrylate Fuming

Background Researchers aiming to produce an acrylic polymer for the aerospace industry inadvert...

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By Aneeta Jaison | 10th March, 2022


Dactyloscopy, is the science of identification. Fingerprints are made up of a succession of ridges ...

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By Jewel Mary Saju | 17th February, 2022

Recent Advancements in Impression Eviden...

Impression evidence is those evidence created when an object is pressed against another material wit...

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By Ashi Yadav | 13th December, 2021

BIOMETRICS- Secured or can be Hacked

Now a day’s, biometrics take more attention from the security point of view. Due to its ...

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