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Fingerprint Expert India is one of the leading private forensic fingerprint services providing organization in India; which is known to provide quality and adequate services to their clients using various modes and techniques of fingerprinting as ink-fingerprinting, digital fingerprinting using live scan and so. With carrying experience of glorious 10 years, we are equipped with a team of young and dynamic forensic enthusiasts and have professional temperament to solve any case. The forensic fingerprinting services provided by us are far better, fast and much more affordable than any other such service providers.

We are known to provide accurate, error free and easy to reach services, irrespective of the time and distance issues. Since we are one of the most experienced organizations of India, we and our quality and affordable services are widely available in South, North, East and West India, even known for their quick and rapid services.

Fingerprinting services for Visa Immigration and FBI are provided with excellent quality and accuracy. Our expert services are available in India, UK, USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, Africa and many more. We do fingerprinting on C-216C Form for Canada (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and on FD-258 for USA (Federal Bureau of Investigation), bio-metrics, electronic Digital Fingerprinting with Live Scanning Equipment. Live scan (Digital) Fingerprinting is the most advanced method of capturing and submitting fingerprints electronically. This process is completely ink less, and far more accurate, efficient, reliable and speedy.


We provides hi tech and live scan fingerprinting for all criminal and non criminal purposes including but not limited to..

  • Fingerprinting on FD-258 card for FBI USA
  • Fingerprints on form c-216c for RCMP Canada
  • Fingerprinting for RCMP Clearance Canada
  • Fingerprinting services For FINRA
  • FBI Police Clearance certificate, FBI criminal Background Check.
  • State police Clearance Certificate from all USA States.
  • Police Clearance Certificate for Australia, Canada, New Zealand Immigration and Visa Purposes.
  • Fingerprints for secure and Confidential Background check of the Indian Person.
  • Police Clearance Certificate and FBI criminal Background Check Australia Federal Police, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah).
  • Fingerprint for Kuwait and Belgium Visa or work permit.
  • Medical License or Licensed Health Care Professional from Michigan, New York, Florida Nebraska, Louisiana etc.
  • Physiotherapy License from Michigan, New York, Florida, Nebraska, Louisiana etc.
  • Visa Immigration to UK, USA, and UAE, Canada or other countries
  • Foreign Travel U.S. Waiver, Visas, Border Crossing, fingerprints for fisherman
  • Fingerprinting for Citizenship, permanent residential-ship
  • Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi, Personal investigator in India
  • Fingerprinting for government contracts and licences in India and other countries
  • Name change applications, Volunteer / NGO work
  • Fingerprints for Criminal Record / background History Check of employees
  • Fingerprints child Adoptions for Indian and International
  • Fingerprinting for USA visa, Canada Visa in India
  • Fingerprints for overseas criminal record check in India
  • Fingerprints International Driving Licence / business Visa, Study Visa
  • To obtain a copy of pardoned criminal record
  • All other non-criminal fingerprinting for Visa Services for all countries in India
  • Matrimonial, extra martial affair, love affair Detectives, Personal investigator in India


  • Lifting of fingerprints from crime scene
  • Lifting of foot prints from crime scene
  • Examination and analysis of foot prints lifting from crime scene
  • Examination of fingerprints lifting from crime scene
  • Development of invisible or partially visible fingerprints
  • Development of fingerprints from objects or documents
  • Development of fingerprints from photographs
  • Taking fingerprints for comparison by our forensic fingerprint expert
  • Fingerprint Matching, Cross Examination
  • Taking Latent (undeveloped ) Fingerprinting from dust, mirror and other unseen items with the help of chemicals
  • Taking fingerprints for criminal records
  • Examination of fingerprints before or after death
  • Verification of fingerprints under medical treatment
  • Forensic photography of the fingerprints
  • Examination of finger prints on documents and furnishing opinion there on
  • Examination of thumb impression or fingerprint on Will, Agreement, Sale Deed, Government Registry, Cheques, Bank Notes, Payrolls etc.


Our Expert fingerprinting services include all the types of afore mentioned fingerprinting methods and techniques with a promise to ensure our quality services with complete dedication and commitment towards the satisfaction of our clients. Fingerprinting, especially for Police Clearance Records, Immigration, and Visa or for other such official purposes require a very experienced and expertise hands that can take a very clean and smudge-free impressions, making all the minute details very clear and legible; and our team is very well-equipped with a group of experts having years of experience and expertise in their subject.

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