FBI & RCMP Fingerprint Experts, Fingerprint for PCC, Green Card, Adoption

Whatever your need, we the have solution with supreme Class Fingerprint Services for police clearance certificate in Lucknow, uttar Pradesh

Fingerprint Expert India a division of RealScan Biometric is one of the leading independent forensic and non forensic fingerprint services providing organization in India, at present we have 25 plus fingerprinting regional branches in all over India, which is known to provide highly professional services to their clients using various modes & techniques of fingerprinting as ink-rolled and digital fingerprinting using live scan and more in Lucknow. With nearly 10 years of experience, we are expert in digitize ink fingerprints and transmit them electronically to respective law enforcement agency, and well equipped with a team of and energetic forensic experts in Lucknow. The forensic fingerprinting services provided by us are far better, firm and much more reasonable than any other such service providers in Lucknow, Note- We do provide all expert Opinions & fingerprints under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act and CrPC

We are known to provide perfect Fingerprints at lowest rates to our clients with smudge free, immaculate quality and hassle free easily approachable services, irrespective of the time and distance issues. We have team of Fingerprint Expert, Forensic Experts, Forensic Scientists, FBI,RCMP, AFP and other Police Clearance Fingerprint Experts, Since we are one of the most experienced agency of Lucknow, India, we and our quality affordable services are widely available in round the corner of South, North, East and West in India

World class Fingerprint services that we provide in Lucknow included near by areas but, not limited to:

  • Fingerprints for Police Clearance Certificate for FBI USA in Lucknow
  • PCC solution for RCMP Canada in Lucknow: We help in getting the PCC from Canada RCMP in Lucknow in 8 – 15 days’ time anywhere in the world. We are expert in Digitization of ink fingerprints and transmit them digitally RCMP to rapid and quickly PCC in Lucknow
  • Fingerprint for USA Medical License for Medical Practices in Lucknow
  • Fingerprint for USA for Medical Doctors, Pharmaceutical technicians, Medical Nurses in Lucknow (UP)
  • Criminal Background checks of all Indians are in foreign from Lucknow
  • Fingerprinting for police Clearance Certificate from Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica and other African Countries
  • Fingerprint services for PCC issued from Middle East and Dubai, UAE, KSA and other gulf Countries, Australia
  • Fingerprints on FBI FD-258 card and RCMP c-216c card for internationally acceptance in all Agencies
  • Examination of fingerprints before or after death in Lucknow Uttar Preadesh – India
  • Fingerprints for work Permit Visa, Study Visa for Students
  • Fingerprints for Individual or Groups for Graphology and Handwriting analysis
  • Verification of fingerprints under medical treatment and Comparison of finger prints
  • Recording fingerprints for criminal records and Fingerprint Matching, Classification
  • Fingerprint verification Police Clearance certificate Fingerprint Verification for Visa / Immigration
  • Fingerprint for FBI Criminal Background Check in Lucknow
  • We do Prompt Service, Follow-ups and more, Zero Rejections from The FBI and RCMP
  • Perfect Quality Fingerprints for COC Singapore Police at Lowest Rate
  • Fingerprinting services for International Travelling and Tourism in Capital of UP
  • Fingerprinting For FINRA / TPA / Insurance License in Lucknow
  • Fingerprint Verification for State police Clearance Certificate from all USA States
  • Professional Medical License or Licensed Health Care from Michigan, New York, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Los Vegas USA etc.
  • Fingerprints for green card application, Citizenship, International adoption
  • Fingerprints for Security Guards, Pharmaceutical technicians, International Job Application
  • Fingerprint for FBI Criminal Record Check, Employee Background Check
  • Digital / Livescan / Electronic and Ink-rolled Fingerprinting for FBI USA, RCMP Canada
  • RCMP Fingerprinting services Residency Applications, Citizenship applications

We do provide mobile fingerprinting services to our customers who wish to have the ink fingerprinting done at their site instead of coming to our office. The applicant can opt for this service as per their schedule in Lucknow, Uttar Preadesh – India.

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