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Whatever your need, we have the solution with Top Class Fingerprint Services for police clearance certificate, PCC, Visa immigration in Mumbai, Maharastra

Fingerprint Expert India a division of RealScan Biometric is one of the leading forensic fingerprint services providing organization in India, Currently 25 plus fingerprinting branches are functioning in India, which is known to provide highly professional services to their clients using various modes & techniques of fingerprinting as ink-rolled and digital fingerprinting using live scan and more in Mumbai. With nearly 10 years of experience, we are expert in digitize ink fingerprints and transmit them electronically to regarding agency, and well equipped with a team of and energetic forensic experts in Mumbai. The forensic fingerprinting services provided by us are far better, firm and much more reasonable than any other such service providers in Mumbai.

We are known to provide quality and very easily approachable services to our clients, irrespective of the time and distance issues. We have team of Fingerprint Expert, Forensic Experts, Forensic Scientists, FBI, RCMP, AFP and other Police Clearance Fingerprint Experts, Since we are one of the most experienced agency of Mumbai, India, we and our quality affordable services are widely available in round the corner of South, North, East and West India

World class Fingerprint services that we provide in Mumbai, Maharastra India but, not limited to:

  • Police Clearance Certificate for FBI USA in Mumbai
  • PCC solution for RCMP Canada in Mumbai: We help in getting the PCC from Canada RCMP in Mumbai in 8 – 15 days’ time anywhere in the world. We are expert in Digitization of ink fingerprints and transmit them digitally RCMP to rapid and quickly PCC in Mumbai
  • Fingerprint for USA Medical Practices License in Mumbai
  • Fingerprint for USA for Medical Doctors in Mumbai
  • Criminal background check of all Indians are in foreign from Mumbai
  • Fingerprint services for PCC issued from Middle East and UAE, KSA
  • Fingerprints on FBI FD-258 card and RCMP c-216c Card are widely accepted in all law enforcement agencies across the world
  • Ink and Rolled Fingerprint on FBI FD-258 card in Mumbai
  • Examination of fingerprints before or after death in Mumbai
  • Fingerprints for Individual or Groups for Graphology and Handwriting analysis
  • Verification of fingerprints under medical treatment and Comparison of finger prints
  • Taking fingerprints for criminal records and Fingerprint matching
  • Fingerprint verification Police Clearance certificate Fingerprint Verification for Visa / Immigration
  • All types latent and patent Fingerprinting Services
  • Fingerprints for green card application, Citizenship applications International adoption
  • Fingerprints for Security Guards, Pharmaceutical technicians, International Job Application
  • Fingerprint for FBI Criminal Background Check in Mumbai
  • Fingerprint for International Travelling in Mumbai
  • Fingerprinting For FINRA / TPA / Insurance License in Mumbai
  • Fingerprint Verification for State police Clearance Certificate from all USA States
  • Professional Medical License or Licensed Health Care from Michigan, New York, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Las Vegas, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey USA etc.

  • Asked by : ASHWIN SANKARAN
    2019-08-23 11:26:16
  • Asked by : Anand
    2019-06-13 16:49:55
    One of my friend who is a Canadian passport holder is currently in India. He is an Indian origin also and is holder of OCI card. For applying US permanent Visa he/she require the finger print taken on a specific form and send it to the agency dealing with Visa matter for getting police clearance certificate. Could you please let us know whether we can get the finger print taken in Mumbai.. ?
  • Asked by : Navinkumar Pal
    2019-03-02 12:51:19
    Please share Mumbai branch for Qatar police clearance certificate require fingerprint scan biometric. . ?
  • Asked by : Anil
    2018-12-04 22:25:18
    I need to complete the fingerprinting to obtain a Bahrain PCC for New Zealand Student visa ? Do I visit any local police station or is there an alternate process?. ?
  • Asked by : jagdeesh mehta
    2018-10-30 17:40:08
    I want to get finger print on a us form and also check of a court record of us in Illinois. ?
  • Asked by : alzito
    2018-10-12 15:56:40
    I need my fingerprints on fd258 card. Presently in Mumbai. Need info on cost and procedure. ?
  • Asked by : Denzil
    2018-09-13 18:09:01
    Hi Team,I require finger print on the FD 258 form. what is the cost for this service ?Is this service available in mumbai. ?
  • Asked by : Saba
    2018-04-10 15:44:17
    Hello,I need USA PCC for Australia PR filling purpose. I am currently located in Mumbai, India. How can i get the PCC of USA in India?. ?
  • Asked by : Athmanathan
    2017-10-31 08:54:02
    Hi,1. What is the pricing for RCMP clearance for Canadian PR?2. Where is your office in Mumbai?Please do let me know. Thanks. Athma. ?
  • Asked by : Ashok Jagdale
    2017-06-25 10:29:10
    If you have your office in mumbai , forward the address .. ?
  • Asked by : ASIF JARIA
    2017-05-30 00:06:42
    Dear Concern,Please revert me asap. I need Police clearance FBI for immigration of Canada. Kindly tell me when, where can I get in done in Mumbai. What documents will you guys need?What are the charges? What is the time frame of FBI report in hand?Answer all questions and revert by tomorrow.. ?
  • Asked by : Salim Ahmed
    2017-05-29 18:27:08
    I want finger print ink for supply at immigration off in Tanzania Zanzibar branch how can l get. ?
  • Asked by : sanna
    2017-05-25 06:15:45
    I need pcc from u.a.e ( Dubai ) I am born an stayed for 16 years there .. I need it to apply for PR Canada.. plz help and guide . ?
  • Asked by : Sreekant
    2017-04-20 21:15:19
    My spouse need to get finger prints and PCC from FBI for canada immigration , she is currently in India Kerala for vacation and hence we need to do this while she is there.Need to know if you have service there in Kerala . ?
  • Asked by : Siddhanth Ahluwalia
    2017-04-16 21:44:59
    Hello,I am a doctor and need to get fingerprints on an FD-258 Card for state licensure with Michigan, USA. I am a resident of Mumbai. Please let me know how to go about this and what the costs will be.Thank you,Siddhanth . ?
  • Asked by : Salim
    2017-02-07 00:04:36
    I want a set of finger prints certified by local authorities for getting tanzania pcc how can i get it and what will be its charges please help me on it.... ?
  • Asked by : Dr Patki
    2017-02-03 20:30:35
    We have been asked to get PCC from Canadian immigration Authorities. For this we have to send the same to themIs it possible? . ?
  • Asked by : mark
    2017-01-28 18:31:09
    I need a FBI pcc I live in Mumbai how much dose it cost and what all documents do i need and what document i will receive from FBI. ?
  • Asked by : rajini
    2017-01-26 22:15:17
    Respected sir, I am MERCY Margret Xavier, worked in Saudi Arabia since 2007 to 2009 . When I left from Saudi I didn't get PCC. Pls could you help/guide me to get PCC . it's mandatory to take finger print card? If its yes .... is there any branch in tamilnadu?Kindly do the needful Kind regards. ?
  • Asked by : amit thakur
    2017-01-24 23:03:49
    Hi ! I live at Himachal Pradesh ! I need to provide fingerprints for Parole Board of Canada for getting my criminal record expunged ! Do you have any office in or around New Delhi or Chandigarh !! Thanks . ?
  • Asked by : Kritika Kamath
    2016-11-11 16:05:17
    Hi,I need FBI Police Certificate. I am an Indian citizen, was studying in US for the last 2 years. Currently residing in Navi Mumbai. Can you please advise.Kritika . ?
  • Asked by : amit shah
    2016-10-29 12:50:58
    How can charge of your service i want to check in my office for sum pesonal reson finger print . ?
  • Asked by : Emily Easo
    2016-10-06 15:44:10
    For employment purpose , to issue license by Ontario College of Teachers I need to submit report to them by Rcmp. Please tell me fingerprinting services sre provided by you in Mumbai. Ic so, where exactly is your office to come for it?. ?
  • Asked by : Naveen
    2016-07-27 17:45:04
    I am looking to find out the price of PCC for FBI USA in Mumbai. ?
  • Asked by : Aleksa Krolls
    2016-04-27 10:11:45
    I require a Police Clearance Certification, and fingerprints for FBI USA. I am a US citizen currently residing in Mumbai. How can you assist me. ?

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