Fingerprinting Consultants for FBI,Visa Immigration, PCC Service in Delhi India

Fingerprinting Consultancy Services for Visa Immigration, FBI Clearance, Police clearance

All aspirants and petitioner must go through the FBI fingerprint checks. This is technique patterned to scan individuals criminal records, if persona prior have been arrested or faced any criminal charges ought to submit complete documentation to keep away from unusual delay in processing, in the event you are not sure about past must consult with legal adviser to make sure accuracy. Any misrepresentation very criminal background history may lead to denial for visa immigration.

We at RealScan Biometric do provide our usual fingerprints service for visa immigration for USA, UK, UAE,Saudi Arab,Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries, biometric fingerprints for USA immigration, green card, citizenship beside service also offers legal forensic consultant services under section 45 of the Indian evidence act.

  • Fingerprints Service for PCC, VISA Immigration, Passport
  • Expert opinion on Live court cases
  • fingerprinting consultancy service in all over India
  • Cross examination services in all Indian Courts
  • fingerprint consultancy for police clearance certificate (PCC), Visa immigration, Passport, Medical Licence
  • Fingerprints for FBI USA and RCMP Canada in india
  • latent fingerprint expert services
  • Lifting of fingerprints from crime scene
  • Fingerprint verification for Questioned Document,Fake Signature
  • Lifting of fingerprints from crime scene
  • Adoptions, and such other non-criminal purposes
  • Examination of fingerprints on crime scene
  • Development of invisible or partially visible fingerprints
  • Development of fingerprints from objects or documents
  • fingerprints Scanner for Insurance Fraud, bank transaction
  • Development of fingerprints from photographs, Scratches
  • Recording fingerprints for comparison / cross examination
  • Taking fingerprints for criminal records
  • Fingerprints matching, comparison
  • Examination of fingerprints before or after death
  • Verification of fingerprints under medical treatment
  • Comparison of finger prints for questioned documents
  • Forensic photography of the fingerprints
  • Development and lifting of finger prints from the S.O.C. (scene of crime)
  • Recording of finger prints for verification purposes.
  • Examination of finger prints on documents and furnishing opinion there on. Examination of thumb impression or fingerprint on Will, Agreement, Sale Deed, Government Registry, Cheques, Bank Notes, Payrolls etc etc.
  • Preparation of graphological record on the basis of analysis record of the finger print
  • Top class Cross fingerprint examination

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