Ink Rolled, Mobile Fingerprinting Services

In case of absence of live scan service, you can opt to select the traditional ink fingerprinting technique. This ink fingerprinting is done on fingerprint card (FD-258) and then submitted to the appropriate authority. In order to obtain an excellent quality of fingerprint, we prefer superior quality ink and ink cards of good quality paper material. Fingerprint services are generally carried out for licensing, certification, employment background verification, US, UK, UAE, Canadian Immigration, Police verification, Personal FBI record review, VISA and various other purposes with a guaranteed approval status.
We are even known to provide mobile services to our clients who wish to have the ink fingerprinting done at their places instead of coming to our office. The client can ask for this service as per their convenient time schedule. We expect to get notified 24 hours before the scheduled time, regarding the date, time and location. The charges of the fingerprinting vary depending upon the locations and time but assure you the charges for this exclusive service are very reasonable. This service is provided especially for large organizations, Groups of employee’s, institutes, companies, schools and colleges that require fingerprints in masses.

Procedure of recording ink-rolled fingerprints

  • Hands should be cleaned and dried, in order to remove sweat
  • The fingertip is rolled onto the ink to cover the entire fingerprint area, passing through both the margins of nail
  • Then, the ink stained finger is rolled onto the box provided for that specific finger
  • The second and third steps are repeated with each finger
  • This produces a complete set of Rolled prints
  • Finally, all fingers of each hand are placed onto the bottom of the card at an angle of 45-degree to produce a set of Plain or Flat impressions
  • Also make sure that all the details are clear and legible
  • These impressions are used to check the accuracy of rolled prints

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