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Police Clearance Certificate PCC from Yugoslavia »

Procedure for Getting PCC From Yugoslavia

For Resident Citizens-
Step-1: Provide your application form, ID card or passport.
Step-2: You can apply for the form at any local police station.
For Non Resident Citizens-
Step-1: Apply at any Macedonian diplomatic mission, or a family member may apply on your behalf.
Step-2: Provide your application form, ID card or passport.

Requirements for PCC-
For Residents/Non Residents-

  • Application form
  • ID card
  • Passport

Required fee- As per detailed by the respective embassy.
Where to post documents for PCC-

Time in getting PCC- Processing period is approximately one week.

Head Office

2443, Basement, Hudson Line,
Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009
Email :
Call : +91-1145152301, +91-9599313306

Address of Embassy in India

3/50-G, Chanakyapuri, Niti Marg,
New Delhi – 110021

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