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Authbridge Research Services Private Limited
Authbridge Research Services Private Limited

AuthBridge provides essential products for verifying and welcoming new employees and customers, ensuring trust and security in business interactions. These products cover employee background verification, customer and business onboarding, user identity verification, and business intelligence. Their journey began in 2005, amid the surge of global organizations seeking to outsource operations to India. Recognizing the critical need for verified personnel, especially considering the sensitive nature of data handling, their founding team swiftly responded by initiating background screening and risk management services. Their vision is to set the global standard for solutions incorporating trust in relationships and partnerships. As a primary player in IT services and consulting, they also cater to industries like financial services, the internet, analytics, and KPO. Operating under the name Authbridge Research Services Private Limited, they specialize in software solutions for identity verification, employment background checks, customer screening, and due diligence, serving clients worldwide.

Get expert assistance for fingerprint and police clearance certificates covering multiple countries, which require visas, immigration, work or study abroad, background checks, identity verification, or legal documentation.

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