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Harman International
Harman International

Harman International provides inventive solutions that enrich daily life, enhancing ease, productivity, and enjoyment whether at home, in transit, or on the move. Renowned globally, Harman leads in connected car technology, lifestyle audio advancements, professional audio and lighting solutions, and digital transformation. They swiftly deliver exceptional experiences in response to evolving demands. Their automotive innovations are meticulously crafted to meet the desires of both drivers and passengers, enhancing their journey. Through innovation, they address life's challenges, transforming routine activities into captivating moments. They accelerate product development, streamline costs, and elevate user experiences to meet evolving human needs. Utilizing their iconic brands, they deliver premium audio and gaming solutions that redefine enjoyment at home, in transit, or on the move. Furthermore, by powering renowned stages worldwide, they lead in audio, video, and lighting solutions, enhancing entertainment experiences for audiences across the globe.

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