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Ottawa Consultancy
Ottawa Consultancy

Ottawa Consultants is a boutique consulting and coaching firm located in Ottawa, Canada, dedicated to clients’ success and helping them reach their objectives. Whether you require guidance in business operations, financial management, or marketing, both conventional and digital, their experienced consultants and coaches are here to assist you. Their team comprises former business owners who have successfully scaled companies from startups to multimillion-dollar enterprises, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. They offer a comprehensive range of consulting services tailored to meet your needs, including small business accounting, bookkeeping, business brokerage, coaching, event planning, government relations, grant writing, marketing, media relations, mergers and acquisitions, SEO, financing, social media management, product distribution, and voice-over talent. Their coaches are dedicated to helping small businesses navigate growth, strategy, and operations, ensuring that businesses can focus on what matters most while they work behind the scenes to support their success.

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