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Tinytech Studio Pvt. Ltd.
Tinytech Studio Pvt. Ltd.

With over 35 years of experience, 2400+ installations globally, and exports to 118+ countries, 'Tinytech Studio' champions the cause of promoting small-scale enterprises across various industrial sectors. Their mission is rooted in utilizing human technology to enhance rural development, local self-reliance, poverty alleviation, and employment generation, thereby shifting from a giant company-centered economy to a family-centered one worldwide. They work to cultivate decentralized economies, creating societies free from disparity, poverty, and unemployment. Established in 1983, 'Tinytech Studio' stands as a trailblazer in oil mill machinery, palm oil mill machinery, and refinery plants, boasting a vast customer base across 119 countries. Originally focused on manufacturing mini oil mills, their portfolio has expanded over the years to include a diverse range of machinery, such as oil refinery plants, sugarcane juice machines, mango pulp machines, and more. Their endeavors have garnered international recognition, with accolades from institutions like the World Bank and have been praised by numerous scientists, technologists, and rural development enthusiasts worldwide.

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