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Forensic Associate

M. Sc. (Forensic Science)


Mr. Phaneendar B N  would have been a Network Security Professional along with his Master’s degree in science or a professional percussionist which he is passionate.
It was when he received a life threat letter and could not find a professional to help him out to identify the author of the letter; he decided to learn Handwriting Identification. As many Questioned Document professionals in their books mentioned that there are no university-level courses offered in the field of Forensic Documents, he found it challenging to start his learning under one of the senior experts in the field of Disputed Documents. 

In the process of enhancing the skills, Mr. Phaneendar B N completed the course on Forensic document Examination from American Institute of Applied Sciences, USA and he feels proud that he is being guided personally by International Handwriting Expert Ms. Katherine Koppenhaver, a Certified Document Examiner - USA and reputed author in the field of Questioned Documents. Ms. Debra Dunlap - Forensic Document Examiner of Liberty Investigative Services, Ottawa – Canada is his mentor who helps him in every step of up-gradation.