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Aparna Thamby

Fingerprint Expert

M.Sc. Forensic Science

Aparna Thamby

Aparna Thamby did her graduation in Forensic Science from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is currently applying her fingerprint skills as a junior fingerprint expert at RealScan Biometrics in Delhi. Along with her degree, she has completed a few internships and trainings at various forensic laboratories in India. She also took an ethical hacking course on cyber forensics, where the various technologies and information that she learned have greatly helped her to develop skills in this particular field of forensics. She completed her master's in Forensic Science from Delhi University in 2022. She is self-motivated and enthusiastic, and she has a natural passion for continuous learning and development. She believes that we can get the desired things through hard work, dedication, and commitment.

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