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Mahesh Sharma

Forensic Associate

M. Sc. (Forensic Science)

Mahesh Sharma

Mahesh Sharma works with the government-registered organization SIFS India, where he deals with various types of forensic services, such as education, investigation, training, internships, research, security services, and the scientific equipment department. He has extensive experience in taking fingerprints from dead bodies, of criminals and suspects from crime scenes, for police clearance certificates (PCC) for private organizations, visa immigration, and for the FBI in real cases. In addition, he has also given expert reports on more than 500 handwriting, signature, and fingerprint cases, 20 MMS cases, 10 cases of motor vehicle identification, and 40 cases of voice forgery reorganization. He has 22 publications, including three books, to his credit. He is also a team member at Kenyon International Emergency Services. Currently, he is working on unique fingerprint patterns. Project “A Case of Three Deltas in a Fingerprint”

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