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Preeti Shah

Director Digital Marketing

B.Sc. Physics, DU | PGD Forensic Sci.

Preeti Shah

Preeti Shah

SEO Expert

Content Creator


Preeti Shah is an SEO expert and a creative powerhouse with a flair for crafting compelling digital content and a knack for strategic digital marketing. She is also a seasoned graphologist who decodes the hidden messages behind every stroke of the pen. She also writes about graphology on her blog to help people become aware of their personalities.

She has taken part in several writing anthologies and won several awards for her contribution in the field of writing.

She has teamed up with Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh, CEO and founder of SIFS India, and lends her services to his personal and business websites, blogs, and social media accounts, bringing their combined expertise to the fingertips of eager readers.

Armed with a BSc. (H) Physics from Miranda House, Delhi University, a PG Diploma in Forensic Science from SIFS India, and short-term digital marketing courses from Digital Scholar, Chennai, she possesses the perfect blend of knowledge and creativity.

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